Healthy Ways To Reduce Sodium Intake

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Heart and blood pressure patients need to be very careful with the salt intake. Excessive sodium intake can increase blood pressure and also weaken strong bones. Sodium is required by your body to strengthen bones and balance water & minerals in the body. However, excessive intake of sodium (most commonly found in salt), can be harmful for your health. So, it is very important to cut down the intake of salt and other sodium rich foods.

Pickles, processed foods and salted snacks are rich in sodium. Avoid them to reduce the intake of sodium, prevent high blood pressure and other health complications. Here are other ways to reduce the intake of sodium in your diet.

Healthy Ways To Reduce Sodium Intake

Low in sodium foods: Prefer foods, soups, powdered broths, gravies and snacks that are low in sodium. Read the cover before purchasing the foods. Many processed and packaged foods are rich in sodium. So, pick up the healthy one.

Avoid canned foods: Instead of picking up canned foods, go for fresh or frozen foods and vegetables. If you want to use, wash them in water so that excessive salt is washed away.

Avoid pickles: We love to have pickles with our meal. However, pickles are saturated in salt and excessive intake can increase sodium level in your body.

Salt-free herbs: This is another effective way to reduce the intake of sodium in your diet. Include healthy sodium-free or low sodium herbs and spices. However, avoid baking soda as it is rich in sodium.

Skip soya sauce: Soya and other sauces are rich in sodium. So, avoid dressing your salad or Chinese dishes with soy and tomato sauce. Prefer puree and whipped cream over fermented sauce or ketchup.

Avoid preserved meat: To reduce the intake of sodium, exclude meat like salami, beef and bacon. Meat like one slice of bacon (8 grams) contains 194mg of sodium. So, preserved and cured meat should be avoided.

Marinate food in wine: To cut-down sodium from foods, marinate them in wine. Add few drops of wine to sauces and soups. Cook the food nicely if you do not want the flavour of wine. Cooking the dish evaporates the alcohol and decreases its aroma and flavour from the dish.

Prefer homemade spices: Onion or garlic powder has high amount of salt in it. Prepare such powders and other seasoning spices at home as you can add salt as per your requirements.

These are few healthy ways to reduce sodium intake in your diet. Try them to stay fit and healthy.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 7, 2013, 14:36 [IST]
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