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Father’s Day 2021: Healthy Indian Diet For Your Father
Father's Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to their children's lives. Every year, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and in the year 2021, the day falls on 20 ...
Healthy Indian Diet For Men Over
8 Healthy Foods You Should Have In Your Fridge
What you have in your fridge speaks volume about you! Stocking up your fridge with all that junk food simply shows that you do not really care about your health and well-being. Take it from the nutritionists and doctors - instead ...
Healthy Foods You Should Have In Your Fridge
What Does The Natural Human Diet Comprise Of
It is true that without good health, you can't think of wealth and happiness in your life. To lead a healthy and prosperous life, a nutritious, balanced diet is required. The food which one is consuming should comprise of vitamins, minerals, ...
What Does The Natural Human Diet Comprise Of
9 Khichdis That Aid Detoxification
Toxins are everywhere. In the air we breathe, inside our body, in the food we eat, in the cosmetics we use, in the waste we dump, EVERYWHERE! These toxins are usually flushed out by our body's processes of elimination and neutralization ...
10 Healthy Cooking Substitutes For Olive Oil
Back in the ancient times, butter and ghee were essential ingredients in many dishes, adding richness and flavour along with high levels of unhealthy fat. Though, today these ingredients are used but they have decreased due to the advent of extra ...
Healthy Cooking Substitutes For Olive Oil
How To Detox Your Diet By Eating More
By detox diet, we mean eliminating all the toxins and waste from the body. A detox diet can either involve a juice cleanse or eating healthy foods. Incorporating some simple detox habits into your daily routine will not only help in ...
How To Detox Your Diet By Eating More
8 Tips To Train Your Brain Into Avoiding Junk Food!
Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher once said that, "Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power". Many of us can agree on that statement because mastering ourselves or training our minds to do something is not easy at all. ...
Here's Why A Healthy Diet May Not Always Work
People accustomed to a calorie-rich diet may not be able to reap the full benefits of switching to a healthy diet immediately due to the works of the bacterial community inside the gut, suggests new research.Certain human gut bacteria need to ...
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