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Excessive Salt Consumption: 10 Signs To Know

Posted By: Staff

Do you have puffy eyes or are you always running to the loo? Then, these are common signs that you are consuming excess salt.

Adding a pinch of extra salt might give that extra tinge of flavour to your dish, but this can be harmful for your body in the long run.

Salt is a mineral which is important for the proper functioning of the body but too much of salt can be dangerous. Excessive salt consumption can lead to a number of health issues.

excessive salt consumption

Getting the problem diagnosed at an early stage and taking the necessary steps to reduce salt consumption is important. Also if you want to learn how to flush out salt from the body then click here.

According to a published journal 'The Nutrition Source', Harvard School Of Public Health, excess sodium intake can cause serious heart disease, heart attack and stroke as well.

As it is well said that prevention is better than cure, hence, reducing the consumption of salt can help in preventing a number of health diseases.

Listed here are a few of the major signs of excess salt consumption that you need to know.

Excess Salt Consumption Can Cause These Problems:


1. Increased Blood Pressure:

Excess salt intake increases the amount of sodium in the blood. This imbalance makes it difficult for the kidneys to remove excess water from the body. The strain on blood vessels and excess water in the body increases blood pressure.


2. Excess Thirst:

When there is too much salt in the body, the body needs water to dilute the salt content in the blood. Generally, body cells release stored water to dilute the salt in the blood. These cells need water to function and this is why you feel more thirsty after eating salt.


3. Stomach Bloating:

When you consume excess salt, it retains the water in the body and gives that bloated feeling. Hence you should restrict the consumption of salt to avoid bloating.


4. Burning Urination:

The kidneys help dilute the salt by slowing down urine production and conserving water. You might get a burning sensation after urinating. This is mainly due to water scarcity which leads to the burning sensation. Drink lots of water every day and exclude processed food which is salty. Have fresh vegetables and fruits.


5. Puffy Under-eye Bags:

Check out your eyes; if your eyes seem puffy then it can be a sign that you are consuming excess salt. It is always better to get it checked.


6. Swelling Ankles:

Excess salt intake allows the body to retain the water which is why it leads to swelling in the ankles and even the feet. This makes it difficult for one to walk as well.


7. Craving For Salty Food:

When you consume foods containing more salt, you start craving for more salty foods like chips. When you consume foods containing excess salt it takes time for the taste buds to recover which is why you tend to have more salty foods.


8. Frequent Mild Headaches:

When you consume foods containing more salt, it often leads to dehydration. This at times causes a mild headache. Try to cut down on salt in order to prevent such a condition.


9. Kidney Stone:

Intake of excess salt-containing foods can have a negative effect on your kidneys as well. When there is too much of salt in the body it retains the water in the body that needs to be excreted. This allows for the formation of kidney stones.


10. Stomach Ulcer:

Too much of salt consumption has also been found to affect the stomach linings. This can give rise to stomach ulcer.

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