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Get Wet In The Rains Without Falling Sick

Very often, we are tempted to get wet in the rains. But we have to suppress this childish urge to avoid getting sick. We all have targets at work or exams at college to attend to. And getting wet in the rains is a sure shot way to invite a cold infection. The rainy season is a breeding house of infections anyway. So we try to avoid getting sick by not getting wet in rains.

Bot no matter how hard you try, the rains do catch you off-guard once in while. There will be day when you forget to get your umbrella and it starts pouring down. So what do you do once you have gotten wet in rain. Do you wait for the inevitable sneezes to start or do something in order to avoid getting sick?

Actually, with the right Monsoon health tips, you can prevent falling ill even if you get wet in the rains. What you really need is to act smart and quick after you have got soaked. If you choose to use these Monsoon health tips wisely, you even take the occasional privilege to dance in the rains for fun.

Here are some ways to avoid illnesses even after you get wet in the rain.


Not The First Rains

Always try to avoid the first shower of the season when it comes to getting wet. Usually the first showers are light but the wash away all the pollutants in the air. So wait out the first rains to avoid falling ill.


Get Rid Of Wet Clothes

When you get home soaked, get rid of the wet clothes at once so that the dampness doesn't seep into your lungs. Discard all clothes including your socks and undergarments.


Wash Your Feet

Rains come with ugly companions like puddles and muddy paths. And feet drags all the germs from these wt places. Soak your feet in hot water and and scrub it with salt to get rid of any infections you are carrying.


Hot Shower

A hot shower is the best way to get rid of all the germs and infections that you may have picked up after getting wet in the rain.


Use Antiseptic Soaps

When you are bathing after getting drenched in the rain, ditch your beauty soaps. Use anti-septic soaps instead to kill any infection in the bud.


Use A Blow Dryer

If it a wet day, especially after sunset, then don't leave your hair wet after a shower. Use a blow dryer to dry up quickly so that you don't catch cold.


Use Moisturiser

Your skin becomes very dry after getting wet in the rains. So use body oils or moisturisers to prevent dry and itchy skin problems.


Have Masala Chai

There is nothing like a hot cup of tea after getting wet in the rains. The heat from the tea and the spices used in it help to keep your body warm.


Hot Soups

If you want something more wholesome, you can also try having piping hot soups after getting drenched in the rain.


Basil, Honey and Pepper

Have 2 basil leaves with a spoon of honey and 4 peppercorns every morning. This herbal remedy boosts your natural immunity to cold during the Monsoons.

Story first published: Monday, June 24, 2013, 19:44 [IST]
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