Does Testosterone Make Men Healthy?

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Women get all hormonal during their menstrual cycles and we can see the visible effects of hormones on their health. When it comes to men, the effects of male hormones are slightly subtle. We don't usually see a man get hormonal. Some medical scientists are suggesting that testosterone is healthy for men.

Men who have low levels of testosterone have health problems like fatigue, bad bone health, slow fat metabolism etc. Also, men with lower male hormonal levels have unhealthy and sparse hair on their body and scalp.


So, that surely calls for a detailed look at what testosterone can do to keep men healthy. Here are few of the ways in which testosterone affects the health of an individual.

1. Muscle Mass: When we say that men are stronger than women, it is because of the extra testosterone present in their body. You must have heard that the easiest way to build up your muscle mass is to take steroids though it is totally unhealthy. These steroids are nothing but artificially produced testosterone. The male hormone that is produced in the testicles is responsible for building up muscles naturally.

2. Bone Strength: You must have realised that it is women who suffer from brittle bones in the later stages. Men have good bone health due to the testosterone present in their bloodstream. The calcium deposition on their body is much better due to the male hormone.

3. Red Blood Cells: Men have higher hemoglobin levels than women. This too can be traced back to fact that testosterone helps in the production of red blood cells in the body.

4. Body Hair: Hair is symbol of male beauty. Men usually have more body hair than women and it is seen as a sign of manliness. This too is owning to the sexual hormones in men's body. While this has no impact on the health directly, there is a feel-good factor attached to it.

5. Fat Distribution: You wil notice that women put on weight much faster than men. This is because the testosterone in a man's body helps in the metabolism and distribution of fats in the body.

These points prove that testosterone has a significant role to play when to comes to the smooth functioning of a man's body. In fact the process of ageing is also dependent on this hormone.

Hormone Therapy:

Due to the pressures of a stressful life, many men have the problem of low testosterone levels these days. So, hormone therapy or charging artificially prepared testosterone into the bloodstream is on the rise.

The medical implications of this therapy have not yet been evaluated but we can say one thing for sure; natural testosterone produced in the body is definitely healthy for men.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 1, 2012, 8:34 [IST]
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