10 Things To Do When You Feel Pukish

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Having that pukish feeling is disturbing, and to get rid of it there are a few things to follow. The sick feeling might not only spoil your mood but even your entire day.

Feeling pukish or having a vomiting sensation might not be a serious health issue but the moment you get this feeling, it tends to hamper you regular activities.

There are several causes for you to feel pukish. Overeating, drinking too much of alcohol, food poisoning and stomach infections can cause acid reflux which is why you get that vomiting sensation.

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Stress, pregnancy and motion sickness are a few of the other common reasons that can give you that bad vomiting tendency. Meanwhile, there are also few reasons that causes nausea in men. Click here for details.

Also, there are certain serious health conditions like headaches due to migraine, tumour growth and appendicitis that can give you that pukish feeling.

The moment you get such a pukish feeling, you just lose yourself. All that you need at that point of time is a quick relief.

In order to get rid of this problem, in this article we have listed quick natural ways, that are actually helpful.

10 Things To Do When You Feel Pukish:


1. Avoid Oily & Junk Foods:

Avoid eating anything that is oily. When you eat these oily and junk foods that are available on the roadside and street side, it gets difficult to digest.


2.Drink Lots Of Fluids:

Drink lot of fluids like water and coconut water which is a natural electrolyte. This helps in cleansing up the digestive system and makes you feel better.


3. Have Small Meals A Few Hours Before Travelling:

If you feel pukish while travelling, then it may be psychological, so the best thing to do is to have meals a few hours prior to travelling. The digestive tablets can ease your digestion process.


4. Have Fruits:

When you have that pukish feeling, having fruits like apples, pear and berries helps. Rich in vitamins these fruits help in making you feel better when you have nausea.


5. Lemon Juice:

Add ginger, mint and honey to a glass of lemon juice. Drink it. This will clear the vomiting sensation and make you feel better. This is one of the best home remedies to get rid of that pukish feeling.


6. Drink Tea:

Tea is also a good medicine for nausea. Herbal teas like ginger tea or even chamomile tea are highly recommended during this time. It helps in providing relief from that bad feeling of nausea.


7. Fennel (Saunf):

Fennel seeds are known for their antimicrobial properties. These help better digestion and provide relief from that pukish feeling. Take a few fennel seeds and simply chew them whenever you get that feeling of nausea and vomiting.


8. Drink Hot Water:

Take a glass of hot water. You could add cumin seeds or carom seeds or even dry ginger and then steep it for a few minutes. Drink this slowly. It helps in overcoming that pukish feeling.


9. Mint Leaves:

Take a few fresh mint leaves and just chew them. This helps in providing relief from that pukish feeling.


10. Cinnamon:

Take half a spoon of cinnamon powder, add it to a cup of boiling water and then steep it for a few minutes. Strain it and then drink it slowly. But pregnant women should avoid this.

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