How To Feel Fresh In The Morning?

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We are all well acquainted with the tremendous inertia we feel every morning when the alarm goes off. Many of us think that we are not 'morning people', that is, we are not at our best on early mornings. However, there are some lucky people who can spring up from bed with a smile to greet the day. But, it is not genes or natural tendencies that enables them to do so. It is something as simple as a healthy lifestyle that keeps you fresh in the morning.

If you want to wake up early feeling fresh in the morning, then you need to make some serious alterations to your lifestyle. Here are some of the most important ones.

Wake Up Fresh

Ways To Feel Fresh In The Morning:

Maintain sleep hygiene. This basically means that do not do anything to disturb your sleep. Eat at least 3 hours before bedtime. Do not drink coffee or tea after sunset and do not watch television in bed. Good sleep is the secret that will help you to wake up early and fresh.

Avoid disturbing pillow talks. If you and your partner go to sleep happily in each others arms at night, you will wake up with a positive frame of mind. Avoid fighting in your bedroom and always resolve fights before you sleep. Making love can be good way to sleep and wake up happily.

Avoid loud alarm tones. Most of us have the harsh persistent tones of our mobile phones as alarm tones (by default at times). Some even choose to keep weird and disturbing sounds like gunshots as their alarm tone. You must not keep disturbing sounds in the morning. Choose a pleasant and melodious tone to wake up with a calm mood.

Do not snooze your alarm. Many people set the alarm earlier than we need to wake up. It is to keep buffer time in which you can snooze your alarm and go back to sleep. Snoozing the alarm is a malpractice that will not allow you to feel fresh in the morning. This is because when you snooze your alarm you cannot get good quality sleep, and it increases your sloth. Wake up at once when the alarm goes off.

Wake up early everyday. Most of us think that we can have good sleep only if we have have slept for 8 hours. However, research has proved that we need regular sleep to be refreshed and there is no stipulated time for it. If you go to bed at 12 am and wake up at 6 am everyday, then you can feel fresh even with 6 hours of sleep. Do not over sleep on weekends as it will ruin your sleep routine.

Do not make coffee your habit. Many people cannot start the day without their morning cup of coffee. Caffeine cannot be a part of a healthy lifestyle. You need to start the day with a glass of warm water or green tea instead. We are slave to our habits so cultivate good habits.

As they say, morning shows the day. So make sure you feel fresh in the morning.

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