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Port Wine Is Good For Health!

Good news for those who would love to drink “Port wine". A new study conducted in a renowned university reports that the popular Portuguese fortified wine is good for health.

Often called as just “Port", the wine is known for its exotic taste and aroma. The sweet red wine is served as a dessert wine and is available in dry, semi dry and white varieties.

Port Wine is produced from grape fruit and is processed in the northern province of the country (Douro region). The wine is called “Port" because the fermented grape spirit (fortified wine), during the 17th century, was marketed to the other nations through their port. Lets" take a look to know why drinking an alcoholic beverage like port wine is good for health.

Port Wine Health Benefits -

1. Port Wine has several health benefits but one of the main benefit is “Resveratrol". Resveratrol is found in the skins of grapes and helps in fighting various diseases caused by fungi and other germs. It also helps in healing injury at a fast pace, repairs cells, reduce inflation, acts like antioxidants, delays aging. The free radicals found in resveratrol combats and repairs damaged cells.

2. Another important health benefit of port wine includes “Tannins" which are mainly responsible for the bitter taste in the wine. Tannins are usually present in the skin and seeds of the fruit. They are referred as OPCs that is proanthocyanidins which work like antioxidants preventing heart diseases and cures common dental ailments.

3. Even the wine pigment called Quercetin is very beneficiary for health. Quercetin found in grapes acts like an anti-inflammatory healing injuries. The antihistamine property of the pigment helps in fighting various cancer causing cells.

How Much Of Port Wine Can Be Consumed?: According to the new study only 500 milligrams of wine cn be consumed every day. The amount is good enough to provide the required health benefits of resveratrol and the other antioxidants.

Disadvantage: Just like any drink port wine also has a few negative effects. The dessert wine if consumed above the specified can turn out to be very harmful due to its high alcohol concentration and calories (sugars).

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Story first published: Friday, June 24, 2011, 10:19 [IST]