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5 Reasons Why Dark Chocolate Is Healthy

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Dark Chocolate Benefits
Although dark chocolate isn't as delicious as the normal milk chocolates, it has lots of benefits on health. Eating chocolate always makes you feel good. The bitterness in dark chocolate is because of the higher concentration of cocoa which is supposed to be healthy for a numerous reasons. Today, we will discuss a those reasons and proved benefits of dark chocolate. Do not miss all chocolate lovers!

5 Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

1. A Chocolate For Heart – This special variety contains flavonoids which act like antioxidants. They protect body from harmful chemicals called free radicals. The radicals, without our knowledge, are taken into the body by inhaling polluted gases and exposing to sunlight. Free radicals are the prime causes for heart disease. Black chocolate is powerful enough to cut down cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure.

2. Mood Elevator – The phenethylamine in the bitter chocolate stimulates endorphins that arouses feelings of pleasure in the brain. It is an aphrodisiac too. The power house of anandamide and serotonin relaxes mind and works like an anti-depressant. Since women always have lower serotonin levels due to menstruation, they are advised to have a piece of chocolate during the times.

3. A Universal Chocolate – It may be bitter because of the less quantity of sugar but the fact itself is a boon to people suffering from high blood sugar. The bad carbs in sugar cause obesity and diabetes and dark chocolate containing sugar at minimum is better than corn syrup suggested for patients suffering from Alzheimer disease, heart disease and diabetes.

4. Beauty With Choco - According to German researchers, chocolate is also a skin care ingredient. The flavonoids in chocolate absorb all the UV radiation, protects skin and improves complexion by increasing blood circulation. The sweet dessert facial is famous all over the world, and now you know the secret behind the blemish free fair skin of the celebs.

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Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2011, 12:37 [IST]
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