Do Bananas Make You Fat?

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Bananas Make Fat
It is often believed that bananas can make you fat. Is it true? Does banana make you fat? When you are on diet, you are advised to exclude certain foods from the menu and bananas fall in it. Bananas are healthy for the body as it helps overcome heartburn, provides instant energy, cures constipation, morning sickness, hangover, controls blood pressure and stress.

Although there is a diet named after banana (morning banana diet) due to the nutrients which are beneficial for the body, then why bananas make you fat?

Eating too many bananas daily can make you put on weight. Limited consumption of bananas doesn't promote weight gain. Prefer having 2 bananas to stay fit and healthy. Don't have more than 2-3 bananas if you want to get instant energy, as the glycogen produced after eating bananas can get stored in the liver thus transforming into body fat.

Bananas are fat-free but the sugar content is very high which can make you put on weight. A medium sized banana has 75% calories which can promote weight gain. Due to the sugar content of bananas, it is advised to have a banana every morning as it boosts up the energy levels in the body.

Bananas can make you fat if you don't workout. Fat deposits more easily due to the high calorie content of bananas. So, if you are eating bananas, follow up with a 15 minutes walk to burn the banana fat.

Having more than 2-3 bananas regularly promote weight gain. Bananas are healthy when it comes to the nutrient contents but excess sugar consumption increases the fat in the body. To avoid weight gain, reduce the intake of sugar rich fruits on a regular basis. If you have bananas, prefer 2 bananas in the morning with milk to burn the calories.

Have two servings of banana and 4-5 servings of vegetables in your diet. Exercise regularly to burn down the extra calories and fat. Diabetic patients should avoid eating bananas.

Bananas can only make you fat if you eat more and don't exercise. If you want to lose weight, consume citrus fruits which burn body fat.

Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2011, 11:06 [IST]
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