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What Are Surinam Cherries? Know All About This Colourful Healthy Fruit!

By Chandana Rao

Most of us would love to eat fruit or relish fresh fruit juices often, as most fruits have a delicious take, plus, they are healthy, right?

Well, what could be more tempting than colourful, pretty fruit, which can also give us good health!

In fact, health experts advise people to consume at least a bowl of assorted fruit every day, as most of the fruits have tremendous healing properties, which can not only prevent but also treat a number of ailments that affect people.

For instance, banana has the ability to treat depression and keep its symptoms under control, as it contains potassium!

Watermelon can prevent dehydration and keep the pH levels of your body health, as it contains water! So, each fruit comes with its own set of health benefits! Now, most of us would be familiar with cherries - the tiny, red fruit, which are very sweet and delicious!

However, many of us may not have heard about the Surinam cherries, which are similar to cherries, except that they are more colourful and healthier!

So, know all about the Surinam cherries and how they can improve our health, here!

The Surinam Cherry And Its Origin:

If you have already looked at the pictures of this fruit, you will know just how colourful and eye-pleasing they look!

Scientifically known as Eugenia uniflora, the Surinam cherries are also commonly known as Pitanga, Brazilian cherry and cayenne cherry.

This fruit grows abundantly in regions such as Suriname, French Guiana, southern Brazil, parts of Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, West Indies, etc. However, it is also cultivated widely, all over the world, for its medicinal benefits and great taste.

The Surinam cherry can grow abundantly in countries with tropical climates, such as India. This fruit's taste can range from sweet to sour, depending on how it is cultivated! Apart from using it for medicinal benefits, Surinam cherries are also used to make certain sweet dishes, jams, tarts, etc., in some parts of the world.

In addition, the leaves of the Surinam cherry plant are used as insect repellents in farmlands and houses, by crushing them, as they exude a scent which can keep insects at bay.

Nutritional Value Of Surinam Cherries:

As we read earlier, Surinam cherries are extremely nutritious and comes with powerful nutrients that can benefit our health.

About 173 g of Surinam cherries contain the following amount of nutrients:

Carbohydrates - 13 g

Protein - 1.4 g

Vitamin A - 43 g

Vitamin C - 45.5 mg

Thiamin - 0.1 mg

Riboflavin - 0.1 mg

Niacin - 0.5 mg

Fat - 0.7 g

Calcium - 15.6 mg

Iron - 0.3 mg

Magnesium - 20.8 mg

Prosperous - 19.0 mg

Potassium - 178 mg

Sodium - 5.2 mg

Water - 157 g

In addition, the fruit also contains antioxidants, gamma-carotenes, lycopene and rubixanthins.

Health Benefits Of Surinam Cherries:

1. Reduces inflammation

2. Treats diabetes

3. Prevents cancer

4. Improves immune system

5. Improves digestive health

1. Reduces Inflammation

The various minerals, in addition to the antioxidants present in Surinam cherries, give them anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce inflammation of the muscles, tissues, nerves, etc., which have occurred in various parts of the body, thus reducing pain, infection and inflammation.

2. Treats Diabetes

Studies have suggested that Surinam cherries can help in reducing the diabetes symptoms in patients, by increasing the production of insulin in the body, as it contains another nutrient known as anthocyanin, thus treating diabetes.

3. Prevents Cancer

Consuming Surinam cherries on a regular basis may help prevent cancer, as the antioxidants present in this fruit can help prevent the negative effect of free radicals which cause cancer.

4. Improves Immune System

As the Surinam cherries are rich in various nutrients, especially vitamin A, C and minerals, they have the ability to keep your immune system strong and healthy!

5. Improves Digestive Health

Surinam cherries come with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which can reduce stomach inflammation, acidity, bloating, diarrhoea, etc., thus keeping your digestive system healthy.

Side Effects Of Surinam Cherry:

Overeating Surinam cherries, especially the seeds, can cause stomach upset and toxicity in the stomach. So, consuming about 1 cup (100 g) of Surinam cherries in a day is recommended and avoid the seeds.

NOTE: Pregnant women must consult their doctors before consuming this fruit.