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    International Picnic Day 2018: How To Have A Healthy Picnic

    Today is International Picnic Day 2018 and if you are planning a picnic, we've got you covered. Picnics are a great way to have a fun gathering with family and close friends along with food and drinks. So, on International Picnic Day, we will be writing about how to have a healthy picnic.

    Packing your picnic basket, towels, a portable BBQ, games and plenty of other things is what a picnic is all about. But, sometimes, we tend to miss out on the small and important things which include the common foods that we carry, for example, salads or sandwiches that may get spoilt or become soggy. And this may wreak havoc on your diet.

    international picnic day 2018

    But, worry not, with a little tweaking here and there, you can enjoy your picnic without compromising on your health as well as on your diet.

    Here are some healthy picnic food ideas that you could pack into your picnic basket.

    Payal Asthana Srivastava, Co-founder and Director of Kalchi - a natural ready-to-eat brand suggests some healthy picnic food ideas and a few simple tips to keep your picnic healthy.

    The Healthy Picnic Food Options Are As Follows:

    • Going for picnic during summers is a good way of spending the day. However, keeping yourself hydrated becomes an important concern under intense heat. Besides taking ample of water, one should also carry eatables which are rich in water content. Fruits like watermelon and muskmelon not only prevent dehydration, but are also good sources of minerals and vitamins.
    • One can also reap the benefits by taking summer-friendly fruits like cherries, berries and, of course, the king of all - mangoes. Helping in building immunity, these fruits have almost all the essential components which a body needs to be fit.
    • Easy to prepare, salad is yet another healthy option for picnics. A refreshing salad filled with seasonal veggies and fruits might not look appealing to many, especially kids, however, it comes with a whole lot of health benefits.
    • If you want, chickpeas and peanuts could be added to the salads. In fact, using raw vegetables is even better as not only are they a good source of fibre and antioxidants, but also these keep one full for a longer duration.
    • Pastas can also make its space among other healthy food items in your list, provided it should be of the right type. Whole-grain pasta is always the better choice as the content of minerals, fibres, and vitamins are more in them in comparison to the regular ones.
    • With a wide variety of parathas of different flavours and stuffing being made in India, one can easily pick and choose any for their picnic. For instance, parathas made of fenugreek (methi), pulses (dal), or even powdered oats are not only good for your diet, but the fact that they are light, will keep you active all day.
    • Also, one has options galore while experimenting with sandwiches. Toppings of basil leaves, cucumber, tomato, corns, mushrooms, capsicum, spinach along with a touch of pepper, cheese, or olive oil will help you be in good health as each ingredient has an important role to play in your body.
    • Easy to be used with any kind of food, be it chapatti, rolls, wraps, breads, or even rice, spreads are undoubtedly one of the best companions for your picnics.
    • Coming with multiple uses, spreads or fillings not only save time, but are also easy to carry and can be consumed in their original form. However, one should be careful of not choosing the spreads which use artificial preservatives.
    • Those who love to munch while travelling can take dry fruits and nuts with them. Cashews, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, and walnuts are full of proteins, calories and carbs; however, one should be cautious of not overeating them. Warm in nature, their excess intake can lead to adverse effects with digestion problems and increase in weight being a few.
    • Besides water, you can also carry small glasses of fruit juice or lemonade, just to keep you energetic. However, make sure of taking less quantity as these things tend to lose their freshness after a point during summers. To avoid that, one can also carry herbs and fruit-infused water made of pineapple-mint, watermelon-basil, cucumber-lime-mint, and so on.
    • A picnic requires a lot of brainstorming. The task becomes even more difficult if you have kids along with you. Every child wants to have something delicious and tasty (which might not be healthy), then why not play little tricks by presenting to their plates a mix of healthy yet mouth-watering desserts. From banana breads, peanut and oatmeal cookies to fruit tarts and fudges, parents have a whole lot of options to try with.

    7 Tips To keep Your Picnic Healthy Are:

    • Picnics are incomplete without games. Try games and different activities that engage kids with the outdoors, such as birdwatching, bug-hunting and rock collecting, storytelling, all make for some great after lunch activities.
    • Any picnic basket should contain a small bag of band aids, bug repellents, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and extra napkins. Don't forget to carry a small folding knife.
    • Avoiding pre-packaged food from outside and eatables that contain harmful preservatives are some of the important points to keep in mind.
    • One should be careful of not overeating or consuming something heavy as these might lead to sickness and tiredness. It's better to stick to eating light and healthy.
    • Choose food items which are durable and non-allergic in nature. Also, it is better to avoid taking heat-generating foods.
    • If you are carrying hot food or water, try avoiding plastic containers and bottles as the harmful chemicals in them can cause negative impacts in your body. It is suggested to carry hot items in insulated utensils.
    • Use biodegradable disposable bags to keep the insects at bay. Also, one can use eco-friendly wet wipes to be germ-free.

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