9 Symptoms Of Changing Your Diet To Stay Healthy

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you wanted a complete makeover, in order to re-vamp the way you look?

Well, this concept has become quite the norm these days, as most people would love to experiment with their hairstyles, style sense, outfits, etc., to look more appealing and feel more confident.

While it is important to take care of your appearance and change it from time to time, if you feel like, there are certain lifestyle habits that also need a "makeover", in order to keep up good health, you might just want to make that change!

symptoms of changing diet

For instance, if you have a routine that does not involve a lot of physical activities, then you might change that factor, and indulge in regular exercising.

Similarly, when it comes to your diet habits, it is very important to change them as well, if you want to remain healthy, especially if you are already experiencing certain health issues.

A well-balanced diet is one of the key factors to remain healthy and avoid a number of diseases, both minor and major.

So, there are a few signs and symptoms which can help you see that you need to make a few changes to your diet. Have a look at them, here.


1. Persistent Gas

If you notice that you have been feeling "gassy", or bloated very often, lately, then it could be because your diet contains a lot of gluten or dairy. If a person is allergic to gluten or is lactose intolerant, then it could cause a lot of gas, when foods rich in gluten and dairy are consumed. You can try cutting out both these products from your diets, to see that the bloating reduces.


2. Constant Hunger

If you feel like eating something constantly, even after making sure that you have had healthy, balanced meals, it could also indicate certain mistakes in your diet, such as not consuming enough protein or skipping meals. Consuming a protein-rich diet and not skipping meals can keep you fuller and prevent binge-eating on junk food.


3. Constipation

Constipation is a condition in which the stools which are meant to pass out of the body, harden and remain in the intestines, causing a number of undesirable symptoms. If you are constantly constipated, it could mean that your diet lacks fibre and it is time to add fibre-rich foods like vegetables, legumes, leafy greens, etc., to your diet and also ensure that you drink enough water.


4. Constant Irritability

Every human being experiences moments in which he/she feels irritable and goes through mood swings, triggered by external factors or hormonal fluctuations. However, being irritable constantly could also mean that your blood sugar is low, as you are not taking in enough of healthy carbohydrates. Consuming whole grains, fruit, nuts, etc., which contain healthy carbs, can help tackle this problem.


5. Acne

Acne is also one of the most common skin conditions faced by a number of people, even by a few adults. Normally, acne is associated with lack of a proper skin care routine, pollution, etc. However, our diets can also play an important role, when it comes to causing acne. If you are breaking out often, you must consider cutting down on sugary foods and oily foods from your diet, as these foods can cause acne.


6. Depression

Depression is a serious mental ailment in which a person feels down and hopeless, all the time. Depression is usually caused when the serotonin hormone levels in the brain are depleted. Adding foods which are rich in potassium (banana, vegetables) and vitamin B12 (eggs, fish, poultry) to your diet can help reduce depression, as these nutrients can increase the serotonin levels in the brain.


7. Hair Fall

If you notice that you have chronic hair fall, even though you are trying to maintain a proper hair care routine, then your diet habit could be the culprit. If your diet does not contain enough protein and iron, it could cause hair fall. Spinach, meat, vegetables, channa, pulses, etc., can be added to your diet to prevent hair fall.


8. Persistent Infections

Common cold, throat infection, flu, bladder infection, yeast infection, etc., are some of the microbial infections which affect people commonly. If you have been the victim of such infections very frequently, then it could mean that your immune system is weak. A weak immune system could be a result of an unhealthy diet. Adding foods which are rich in vitamin C such as orange, berries, guava, papaya, etc., can help strengthen your immunity.


9. Constant Fatigue

Your body needs proper fuel to function and turn food into energy. So, if you are consuming foods which have little or no nutritional value or comfort foods which are rich in toxins, then you could feel tired all the time. Changing your diet into a more healthy and nutrition-rich version can help energise you naturally.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 13:19 [IST]
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