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Why Its Good To Add Drumsticks To Sambar

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Drumstick is a very tasty addition to rasam and sambar. In India, drumsticks are added to many other recipes including pickles, curries and soups.

Rasam and sambar are like Indian soups. Both of them are very healthy as they provide all the health benefits of many vegetables and lentils. In the same way, when a drumstick is added to sambar, its nutritious value increases a lot.

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Well, it is a good source of calcium, iron, phosphorous and vitamin C. If you have ever wondered why your grandmother used to add drumsticks to sambar or soups then read on to know its benefits...


Benefit #1

Firstly, a drumstick is a good source of iron, calcium, protein, carotenoids and vitamin C. Adding it to a soup, broth or sambar makes it easy to consume all its nutrients.


Benefit #2

This is a remedy for jaundice, diarrhea and dysentery: take a teaspoon of juice made of drumstick leaves and add a few drops of honey to it. Mix it in a cup of coconut water and consume it twice a day.

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Benefit #3

For strong bones, you can consume the juice of drumstick leaves mixed with milk. They are rich in calcium.


Benefit #4

The leaves of drumstick are also said to purify blood. Consuming its juice once or twice a week is good for your blood.

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Benefit #5

The leaves of drumstick are also used in several remedies to treat tuberculosis, asthma and bronchitis.


Benefit #6

The soup prepared from drumsticks is not only a tasty meal, it can also work like a remedy for sore throat, cough and chest congestion.


Benefit #7

In the olden days, men were given drumstick soup regularly to prevent impotency and libidinal issues.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 18:28 [IST]
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