Is Sprouted Garlic Safe To Eat?

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When the garlic in your kitchen shelf starts sprouting, you might feel like throwing it out as most of us generally perceive sprouted garlic as spoiled food.

But today, health experts say that its a myth. This means even sprouted garlic offers health benefits. Firstly, garlic has medicinal properties which can prevent many health issues.

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If you are worried about the bad mouth odour it gives then you can use mint, spinach or milk along with it to counter that effect. Now, let us discuss a few facts about sprouted garlic.


Fact #1

When garlic develops sprouts, it means it is ageing. It doesn't mean that is is getting spoiled. You can use it for cooking purposes at that stage. But throw away garlic if you see dark spots on it as those spots are signs that it is getting spoilt.


Fact #2

You can cut and eliminate the green areas of sprouted garlic while cooking as it gives strong flavour and taste.

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Fact #3

Health experts say that sprouted garlic is more heart-healthy compared to regular garlic. Just like rice, legumes and nuts, even garlic develops its nutritional quality with age.


Fact #4

Sprouting produces phytochemicals which can curb the spread of certain types of cancers. Also, sprouted garlic contains more anti-oxidants that combat free radical damage.


Fact #5

Sprouted garlic also contains more compounds that curb the activities of carcinogens. It also prevents the formation of plaque and protects the heart.

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Fact #6

If your immunity is low or if you are suffering from cold, you can include sprouted garlic in your diet as it boosts immunity. Garlic that is sprouted for 5 days can boost immunity.


Fact #7

Sprouted garlic also slows down the ageing process. It can prevent the age related deterioration in many organs.

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