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Foods That Hurt Immune System

Sometimes, certain habits hit your immunity and sometimes, it is the food that you eat that troubles your immune system. If you wish to stay healthy, then you may need to watch what you eat.

The immune system is a pretty complex mechanism that includes several biological structures as well as processes that defend the body from invasion.

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When it functions well, no infection or microbe can touch you. But when immunity weakens, even health conditions could manifest soon. So, here are some foods that do a great deal of damage to your immunity.



Sodas that contain high levels of sugar could hit your immunity in just a few minutes after drinking. They contain certain acids that could even damage your intestinal tract. Aspartame, an ingredient present in most of the sodas is bad for health.


Potato chips contain an ingredient known as olestra. Actually, it is a substance that works as a substitute of fat which means it lowers the fat content of the final product.

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But unfortunately, it has its own set of side effects and it could hit your immunity by binding to certain vitamins and carotenoids.


Anything that robs your sleep or reduces the quality of sleep could hit your immunity. Coffee, colas, tea and chocolate are among them.

Acidic Foods

Acidic foods could raise the acidic levels of your body which is not really good for your immunity. When you keep the environment alkaline, it helps.

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Processed Foods

Foods with chemical additives may accumulate toxins in your body. When toxins build up, they hurt your immunity. Toxins could also poison your bone marrow and thereby hurt your immunity.

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Foods That Contain Pesticides

Pesticides, insecticides and other chemical remnants on food can also hit your immunity. Even habits like drinking and smoking are bad for your immunity.

Red Meat

Red meat also slows down your immunity as it increases inflammation.

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