Eat Two Dates Daily And See What Happens!

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We all have heard that eating an apple daily is healthy. In fact, eating a couple of dates daily may also offer lots of benefits.

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You can eat either dry dates or fresh dates according to your preference. Dates are rich in minerals and amino acids.

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Now, let us discuss what happens to your body if you eat two dates on a daily basis for a few weeks.


Benefit #1

If you want to use dates to keep your heart healthy, soak them in water overnight and blend them into your morning smoothie.


Benefit #2

Some studies say that regular eating of dates provides potassium which can reduce the risk of suffering stroke by 39%.


Benefit #3

The soluble fibre in it eases digestion. Your digestive health may improve after a week.


Benefit #4

Soak dates in milk and add a few drops of honey to it and drink it to keep your libido healthy.


Benefit #5

Each date offers around 20-25mg of magnesium which may help in reducing high BP.


Benefit #6

They also offer phosphorous which is necessary for brain power.


Benefit #7

If you are suffering from constipation, soak dates in water overnight and drink the water in the morning. Also eat the soaked dates. Do this regularly to keep your intestines healthy.


Benefit #8

Dates contain iron which is very important to prevent anemia.


Benefit #9

As dates favour gut bacteria, your chances of suffering from diarrhea will reduce if you regularly eat them.

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