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Health Tip: Boil Rice With Coconut Oil!


Did you ever boil rice with coconut oil? Many people try to stay away from rice or at least try to reduce their consumption of white rice mainly due to the carb content and the calories in it.

But if you are a rice lover, all your attempts to reduce your dependence on it may drastically fail. If that is the case, how about trying a method that can make your white rice a bit healthier?

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

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Well, there is a method to convert rice into low-carb rice though it sounds like a weird idea! Boil rice with coconut oil. Are you wondering how? Follow this method.



Fill a pot with water (2 cups). Boil it. Add coconut oil (1 tablespoon). Add a cup of rice. Cook it for 25 minutes. Keep it in the fridge for 10-12 hours. Consume it. This method is said to make the rice healthier!


Calorie Reduction

If you cook rice in this method, the calories in it may decrease by 10%. This method can drastically reduce calories (50%) if certain rice varieties are used. So, it depends more on the rice variety you use.

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How Coconut Oil Helps

Coconut oil is healthy fat. Why add it to rice while cooking? Well, white rice causes spikes in the blood sugar levels after consumption. But adding coconut oil can reduce the sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.


How The Procedure Helps

But how can the calorie content of rice reduce? Well, the method of cooking it with coconut oil and freezing it for hours after cooking is said to alter the chemical composition of the rice.


Resistant Starch

This method is said to change the digestible starch into resistant starch which takes longer to be metabolised. That is how this method is said to help in preventing unwanted fat accumulation.

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Prebiotics & Probiotics

Also, resistant starch is good because it works well with probiotics. Rice cooked in this method works like prebiotic. It is good for your gut health and immunity.


Varieties Of Rice

This method can be used to cook both white and brown rice varieties. Actually, brown rice is far healthier.

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