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Prepare Ghee Rice Recipe At Home With These Simple Steps
Indian dishes are incomplete without rice. No matter which part of India you belong to, you will always find a wide variety of rice items. Whether it is a festival, marriage ceremony or birthday party, you will always find at least ...
Ghee Rice Recipe

10 Best Healthy Alternatives To Rice You Should Try
Rice is a staple food and forms a part of the daily diet of more than half of the world's population. Its versatility, availability and the ability to adapt to any flavourful dishes is what makes rice a staple ingredient of ...
Corn Pulao Recipe: How To Make Corn Pulao
Corn Pulao is a modern Indian dish which is liked by a lot of people and is prepared as a part of main course. It is made of corn and basmati rice. Corn Pulao is made during festivals and parties in ...
Corn Pulao
Did You Know These Nutrition Facts Of Rice?
Rice is a starchy grain and is a staple food of Indians. Rice is versatile in nature and it has an ability to adapt to any flavour and seasoning. Rice is a valued food item, so in this article we will ...
Top 10 Foods That Can Turn Toxic When Cooked
Popular chefs around the world say that it is crucial to take care of your food while cooking, as one small mistake can ruin the entire dish. Overcooking the food or using improper techniques in cooking could turn the food toxic. ...
Top 10 Foods That Can Turn Toxic When Cooked
Here's How You Can Use Rice Water For Acne Reduction
Acne is the most common skin condition that can pop up at any age. Millions of women across the globe are plagued with this unsightly and annoying condition. While there are a variety of factors that can trigger an acne breakout, ...
Heres How You Can Use Rice Water For Acne Reduction
Akki Rotti Recipe: Karnataka Style Akki Rotti Recipe
Akki rotti is a Karnataka special dish made from rice flour. The rice flour pancakes are similar to Maharashtra's Thalipeeth. This traditional dish is filled with nutrition and has a great taste. Akki rotti is prepared by combining rice flour with ...
Top 12 Food Combinations To Lose Weight Fast
Have you ever heard of the different food combinations that can help you in losing weight? No right! It is true that combining certain foods in your diet will help in losing weight faster. Proper food combinations is a system of ...
Top 12 Food Combinations To Lose Weight Fast
10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Wild Rice
Wild rice is a type of grass native to North America and China. And contrary to popular belief, it is actually not a grain, but a grass seed packed with proteins. It is beautiful (and available in a wide variety of ...
How To Make Rice Water A Part Of Your Skin Care Routine
Rice water is a well-kept beauty secret of Asian women. Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, rice water has been around since centuries. A true favourite ingredient for clean and clear skin, rice water is still being used by thousands of ...
How To Make Rice Water A Part Of Your Skin Care Routine
Stir-fried Veg Mongolian Rice And Noodles Recipe
Mongolian rice is a very popular dish available in most of the restaurants. It can be made in the vegetarian or non-vegetarian form. It is a very delicious recipe with loads of green veggies and flavour. This recipe is a part ...
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