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Why Baby Carrots Are Unhealthy

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Most of us love carrots. Yes carrots are healthy, but baby carrots aren't. In fact, they never existed till a few decades ago!

Why Baby Carrots Are Unhealthy 2

Those baby carrots are nothing but reshaped large carrots! Yes, they are processed carrots. When large carrots are rejected in the market, they are cut and processed again to make baby carrots out of them.

Why Baby Carrots Are Unhealthy 2

They are affordable too. That is why some of us prefer to buy them. But they are nothing but handpicked large carrots which are rejected.

Why Baby Carrots Are Unhealthy 4

First, the skins of the larger carrots are removed. And then they're sliced into pieces. After that, they soak all the pieces of carrots in chlorine. The whole process occurs in machines.

Why Baby Carrots Are Unhealthy 5

They are soaked in chlorine to get rid of the bacteria that gathers after the carrots are cut. But as an organic carrot is turned into a processed carrot after the whole process, you may not reap the nutritious benefits well.

Why Baby Carrots Are Unhealthy 6

Today, we hear a lot of stuff against processed foods and seldom do we really suspect baby carrots. In fact, some of us buy them thinking that we are buying organic foods!

Why Baby Carrots Are Unhealthy 1

But they contain chlorine! So, if you go to the vegetable market, choose the regular large carrots instead of choosing fancy good-looking baby carrots. Looks don't matter, right!

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 7:11 [IST]
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