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What Happens If Your Body Lacks Selenium?

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Your body needs enough amounts of certain minerals in order to perform efficiently. Some of them even protect your system from certain diseases. Even selenium is a mineral which your body needs.

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In fact, deficiency of any vitamin or mineral could cause certain health issues and the same applies to selenium too.

If you are a healthy individual, lack of selenium may show up soon. But in people who have weaker immunities, selenium deficiency could wreck havoc. Hair loss, skin issues, fatigue, lack of energy, brain fog, inability to focus, hyperthyroidism and reproductive issues are some of symptoms of selenium deficiency.

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Some of the good sources of selenium are Brazilian nuts, eggs, shrimp, salmon sunflower seeds, chicken breast, fruits and vegetables. Now, let us know about the benefits of this mineral.


Benefit #1

This mineral can ease certain symptoms of asthma. Generally, people suffering from asthma tend to have low levels of selenium.


Benefit #2

As this mineral can boost blood circulation, it is healthy for the heart. There is a link between selenium and cardiovascular health.


Benefit #3

Both vitamin E and selenium are required to prevent certain disorders like colon cancer and prostate cancer.


Benefit #4

Certain studies suggest that selenium also plays a role in maintaining a healthy thyroid.


Benefit #5

Selenium also has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in maintaining healthy metabolism.


Benefit #6

This mineral also strengthens your immune power and keeps many infections at bay.


Benefit #7

Some of the recent studies claim that selenium also promotes fertility. In women, this mineral is said to prevent miscarriage.

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