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What Are Processed Foods?

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All of us hear people saying processed foods are bad for health. But what are processed foods? Are all of them bad? What makes them bad?

Any natural food that is processed in any way is known as a processed food. For example, a banana is a natural food that is given by nature. But banana chips are processed foods.

Any natural food which is altered in any method either to make it tastier or to make it last longer is a processed food. Most of the processed foods are unhealthy.


Fact #1

Adding an artificial substance to a natural food makes it a processed food. But why do they add such substances? Well, to prolong its shelf life or to enhance its flavor. But artificial substances are harmful.


Fact #2

Though freezing doesn't destroy the nutrition value of a food, it is also a method of making a natural food into a processed one.


Fact #3

Even heating food in microwave can make it a processed item as the radiation in it can alter the nutritional value of the food.


Fact #4

Though drying fish and meat is also a food processing method, it is safe because it is a natural way of prolonging shelf life of food.


Fact #5

Canning is also a food processing method to preserve food. Beans, tomatoes and fruits are canned.Food additives and preservatives increase the danger as far as processed foods are concerned.


Fact #6

Even baking is considered as processing and therefore, all cakes are considered as processed foods but their ingredients decide how unhealthy or safe they are.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 8:27 [IST]
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