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Surprising Myths About Dieting That You Must Not Believe!

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You have promised yourself that you will start eating healthy and go on a diet to get more fit!

So, you start to do some research online and ask your friends' advice, so that you can get some tips on dieting or healthy eating.

However, different sources have various information on dieting and many of the advice that you receive may not be completely authentic.

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For instance, your friend may advice you to go on a crash diet, just because she thinks that it worked well for her sister, however, crash dieting and losing a lot of weight in a short period of time can be extremely harmful for your health!

So, if you want to go on a diet, then you must do it the right way, otherwise you may not be achieving your weight loss goals and you can also make way for many disorders.

So, here is a list of myths about dieting, that you must never believe, if you are on a diet, have a look.


1. “Egg Yolk Is Unhealthy”

Many people opine that just the egg whites are healthy and the yolk is fattening, however, egg yolk is rich in good cholesterol that does not affect the blood pressure or the cardiovascular system significantly.


2. “Natural Sugar Is Unhealthy”

We tend to substitute natural sugar with artificial sugar, thinking that they have fewer calories, however, any kind of sugar can ultimately affect your metabolic system, if taken in excess.


3. “Organic Food Is Healthier”

Many of us believe that organic fruit and vegetables are healthier, as artificial fertilisers and pesticides are not used on them, however, organic food can contain various microbes such as E.coli and salmonella that can cause diseases.


4. “Order Just Salads When You Eat Out”

Usually salad dressings like mayonnaise, mustard, etc, can contain a lot of calories, so a salad without a dressing is a better option.


5. “Cigarettes Curb Hunger”

Many of us believe that smoking can kill the appetite, so people tend to smoke a lot while on a diet, however, this habit can be extremely harmful for the health and does not really help you lose weight the healthy way.


6. “Low-Fat Foods Aid Weight Loss”

Contrary to the above belief, low-fat doesn't necessarily mean less calories, low-fat foods can also contain a lot of calories, so check the nutritional facts beforehand!


7. “Crash Dieting Can Help You Lose Weight”

While the above fact may seem to be true initially, crash dieting can cause long-term damage to a person's health and also slow down the person's metabolism, making the prone to weight gain.

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