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Is It Safe To Eat Raw Sweet Potato?

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Most of us wonder whether sweet potatoes can be eaten raw. Of course, yes, but only in moderation as its nutrition value is enhanced only after cooking.

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Dark sweet potatoes contain carotene. Your body can convert it into vitamin A. Also, sweet potatoes tend to lose some amount of nutrients after they are cut from their vines. That is why eating them fresh is advisable.

Instead of eating it raw, it is better to cook it before eating. If you wish to boil sweet potatoes, don't peel them. After they are boiled, you can remove the peels and eat them. This can retain some of the nutrients which are generally lost during boiling. You can also steam them using a pressure cooker. Fast cooking is better than slow cooking.

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Now, let us discuss about the benefits and side effects of eating raw sweet potatoes.


Benefit #1

The best thing is that, they contain lots of fibre, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. And of course, they contain no cholesterol or fat.


Benefit #2

It is good for diabetics as it doesn't spike your blood sugar levels all of a sudden.


Benefit #3

It comes with minerals like potassium, manganese and magnesium which are important for your body. It also contains compounds that can prevent certain types of cancers.


Benefit #4

The leaves contain vitamin K, C, folate, iron, and potassium.


Benefit #5

It is rich in vitamin A which is good for your eye sight. Other vitamins like B1, B5, B6, riboflavin and niacin play a role in your metabolism.


Side Effects #1

Raw potatoes contain certain compounds that may slow down the digestion of proteins. when they are cooked, such compounds may neutralise.


Side Effects #2

If you consume too much of raw sweet potatoes, you may experience flatulence. Cooking them would make them feel easy on your stomach.

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