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7 Foods That Scrub The Intestines

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Your gut health determines your overall health. If you have food sensitivities or poor digestive health then it means you may need to boost your gut health.

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In fact, your immunity is closely linked with your gut health. Toxic accumulation and poor digestion could disturb your gut.

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You need some gut cleansing foods that literally scrub and clean your intestines well. In fact, when your clean you your gut, you will also lose some weight and also feel better because of the toxic elimination. So, here are some foods that do the job.


Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain fibre and some minerals that cleanse toxins from the body. Ensure that you eat cooked food as it is easier to digest.



Apples contain pectin. It can absorb the water present in the intestines. It can also soften your stool and help your body eliminate heavy metals and toxins.



It can minimise the mucus buildup and enhances digestive capacity. That's why it has become a part of our diet.



Okra can minimise inflammation of the digestive tract. It can also soothe diarrhea. Include it in your diet.


Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds can relieve flatulence. They are also good for your digestive system. Enjoy a spoonful of them after meals.



Probiotics support healthy microbes in the gut and that's why they are important for the body.


Chia Seeds

Chia seeds can cure constipation as they have a flushing effect on the stomach. They also contain anti-inflammatory agents.

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