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This Breakfast Helps Lose A Kilo A Month


Proteins keep you filled and make you eat less. A simple study found out that eating two eggs as breakfast would make you consume almost 400 calories less during the day.

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Generally, the reason why most diets never help you much in losing weight is because they need you to eat less or stick to a particular eating routine that is tough to implement.

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But the best thing about eggs is that, they make you effortlessly eat less as protein diets keep you full for a long time. What happens if you eat 2 eggs as breakfast (and eat your regular food for lunch and dinner) for a whole month? You might lose a couple of kilos without making any other dietary changes or workout changes.

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The logic is simple. Research says that eggs in breakfast make you consume 400 calories lesser during that day. If you eat 400 calories less a day, you might lose a pound every week.

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Of course, there are so many other factors that may play a role here. Your age, metabolism, genetics and activity levels may also decide how much you lose or gain in a span of a month. But still, try a protein-rich breakfast as it is always healthier than other options.


Idli Sambar

Idli sambar is also a healthy breakfast. Sambar contains lentils which provide you with proteins, vitamins and minerals. Idli gives you carbs.



Upma is another good option provided you add enough nuts and peas to make it protein rich. Yes, upma contains fibre, vitamins and minerals too.



Add lots of nuts and eat poha in the morning. Limit your intake to only one serving.



Love oats? Then add low-fat milk to a cup of oats. Don't add sugar. Add some dry fruits or nuts and enjoy it.



Add lots of vegetables and prepare an omelette. This is the best way of consuming protein along with vitamins and minerals in one go!



Milk contains proteins, minerals and vitamins. Try banana milkshake which energises your mornings.


Fruit Salad

Fruit salad with yoghurt can also be a good idea. You can get lots of vitamins, anti-oxidants and a bit of protein too.

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