This Mixture Cures Acid Reflux!

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Are you suffering from acid reflux? Well, try this remedy once. You just need an apple and a potato to try this out. Firstly, peel the potato and grind it.

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Extract its juice into a glass. Then peel the apple and get its juice. Mix both of them and make it a point to drink the mixture exactly 60 minutes before each meal.

Drink before your lunch and dinner as they are the big meals of the day. You will find relief from acid reflux with this remedy. If you are skeptical about trying this remedy, first consult your doctor and then try it out with his permission.

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For those who don't know what acid reflux is:

Well, it is a condition where acid kicks back into the esophagus giving you a sensation of heartburn. This could happen when you try to lie down soon after having a heavy spicy meal. Certain other symptoms of this include chest pain, wheezing, coughing and trouble swallowing.

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When you are suffering from acid reflux, it is better to lose weight and reduce portion size and increase meal frequency. Also, avoid these foods...


Say No To Tobacco

Quit smoking and avoid all other tobacco products as nicotine may affect your esophagus.


Don't Lie Down

Avoid sleeping or lying down soon after a heavy meal. Also, avoid eating before bedtime. Maintain gap between meals and sleeping.



Do you know that even chewing gums may make you swallow air that might indirectly cause acid reflux? Avoid gums.


These Could Irritate Esophagus....

Here is the list: Coffee, tea, soft drinks, citrus fruits and caffeinated drinks. Avoid them.


Foods That Aggravate The Condition

Here is the list:Fried foods, fatty foods, milk, oils, mint, soups, fast foods and all processed foods. Avoid them.


What To Do?

Eat small but frequent meals and choose to eat organic foods and healthy foods instead of fast foods.


Check Your BMI

A study says that obesity may also cause acid reflux. Check your BMI and work on losing weight if you are over weight.

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