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Drink This Before Making Love....

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The usage of Viagra has increased during the past few decades due to various reasons. Some men have started using it due to age or health factors whereas some have started using it just for fun.

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In fact, using such drugs without consulting a doctor would surely be a blunder as there could be certain side effects. Now, let us discuss about something else which might help you preform well on bed. All you need is a lemon and a watermelon.

We all know that water melon is an aphrodisiac. When you prepare this drink, don't add anything else for taste (like salt or sugar or spices).

Firstly, juice up the pieces of water melon. Now, slightly boil it and add lemon juice to it. Stir well to mix it properly. Now, wait till the mixture boils intensely. Once you see almost a portion of the liquid evaporated, allow it to cool by removing from the stove.

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Once it is cold, store it in your fridge. Daily drink a few spoons of this juice in the morning and before dinner. Also, before going on a date, you can consume a few spoons of it.



Eat a clove of garlic every morning as soon as you wake up on empty stomach.

Note: Don't try this if you have any digestive system disorder as it may cause burning sensation in your stomach.



Even ginger can do a good job in enhancing your blood circulation. It is also good for your heart health. Eat a slice of raw ginger every day.



Bananas contain potassium. If you eat too much of salty stuff, they may slow down the blood flow whereas a banana would reverse that effect and enhance the flow again.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate releases happy chemicals and relieves you from stress by boosting your mood. Yes, it also enhances the blood circulation and is good for your libido.



Spinach contains Magnesium which boosts blood circulation. Enjoy some spinach juice to keep your privates active.



Yes, even cayenne peppers boost metabolism and also release endorphins. This is also a libido boosting food.



Consume fish at least thrice a week to get omega 3 fatty acids. Yes, fish is among libido-boosting foods too.

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