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Healing Benefits Of Salt

Is salt good for you? Well, most of us have been brain washed that salt can lead to hyper tension. Of course, too much of anything is bad for your health right?

Well, there are some health benefits of salt intake. It can enhance your digestion and is also good for your teeth. It is also good for your skin and hair.

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In fact salt is very important for human life but still using it in moderation is also important. So, don't get mislead by the negative health effects of salt intake. Completely excluding it from your diet could be dangerous.

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Using it in limited quantities would do. Now, let us discuss about the health benefits of salt.



Add a pinch of salt to a glass of buttermilk. Drinking it may help you curb your digestive problems.


Body Scrub

You can also use salt to scrub your body. For this purpose, you can add a few spoons of salt to olive oil. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to it and start applying it to your body.


Sore Throat

If you are suffering from sore throat, ensure that you gargle with salt water. In fact, this practice is also good for toothache and certain other dental problems.



When it comes to dealing with burns on your skin, you can simply apply some amount of salt on the affected area.


Mouth Ulcers

Do you know that salt can also heal mouth ulcers? Well, simply apply a pinch of salt on the area of your mouth ulcer. Even if it pains a bit, ensure that you leave it there for a couple of minutes. Try this remedy for a few days and you will notice some healing.