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Eating Habits That Age You Faster!

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Most of us are more worried about the weight gain that unhealthy foods cause. However, we often ignore the fact that those are the same foods that may also age us faster.

How To Fight Inflammation In The Body With Food

Yes, there are many everyday habits that can age you, and there are certain foods that you must limit and hence prevent early ageing. Ageing starts from inside and when your insides are inflamed, you may age faster than you had expected.

Remember that your skin, organs, brain and bones are influenced by the quality of foods you eat on a daily basis. If you eat healthy, your body will be able to function well and recover well from the daily wear and tear. If you eat unhealthy, your body may fail to recover itself well, hence speeding up the ageing process.

What Makes You Old And What Keeps You Young?

Many cells die every day and many are born every day; however, when the recovery process slows down, your age starts showing up. Now, let us discuss about the eating habits that can cause havoc to your ageing mechanism.


Using Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Generally, most of the store-bought brands are treated in certain ways to prolong their shelf period. Such oils can cause inflammations in your body. An inflammation can erode your system faster. Though cells die on a daily basis, hydrogenated oils can cause premature death of cells, and this way, they can speed-up the ageing process. Try to minimise your processed food consumption as much as possible. Consume more of natural foods that supply antioxidants.


Eating Sugars

All processed sugars (such as fructose, dextrose, glucose and sucrose) speed-up the ageing process in your body. If you consume too much of these sugars, they can enter your bloodstream and cause havoc in your body. Health experts state that it can even affect your body's natural recovery process. Also, there are reports suggesting that sugar consumption can affect the elastin levels, thereby affecting your skin.


Eating Late

Erratic ups and downs in your blood sugar levels may affect your hormonal function and also cause inflammation in your body. You may also gain excess weight by eating late. Also, starving yourself and then eating late can cause several other disorders such as diabetes. Eat frequently in small quantities to keep your blood sugar levels stable.


Eating Refined Carbohydrates

We strip off the healthy stuff from foods and call it "refined food". Though such carbs are very easy to digest, they are bad for your blood sugar levels. Also, such foods aren't really great for the gut bacteria. Any disturbance caused to your body's natural mechanism may age you faster.


Eating When Stressed Out

When you are stressed out, you tend to eat something. But do you know that cortisol, a stress hormone, is bad for your digestion? Stress diverts the blood circulation to certain other parts such as your legs, and hence slows down your digestion process. Your body may also fail to absorb nutrients. So, if you have the habit of munching on something when you are stressed, your body might age faster.


Grilled, Roasted Or Fried Food

Certain toxins can cause inflammation and oxidative stress in your body. They can age you faster. Cooking methods such as grilling, frying and roasting create toxic compounds in your food. So, even the cooking methods followed should be healthy and hygienic.


Drinking Too Much And Sleeping Less

If your liver is healthy, your skin tends to stay healthy and look young. If you have the habit of consuming alcohol, it is better to curb it. Remember that lack of sleep and too much of stress can wear your system faster and age you sooner.

These are just a few habits that can age you quicker. If you know of any such habits, please do share them with us.

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