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10 Healthy Ways To Eat Fast Food


Fast food is normally placed under the umbrella of junk food. It is not that whatever can be prepared fast is always junk. Sometimes, you can find healthy ways to eat fast food if you are smart enough. Eating fast food is not a choice but a compulsion for most of us. We rarely have time for lengthy lunches on working days. It is quicker to pick up a burger and some fries. In some cases, fast food is also a cheaper option. Healthy food often costs more money that unhealthy meals.


That is why; some smart tips to make fast food healthy can work for you. If you want to eat healthy at fast food restaurants, you have to literally count calories. Sheering away a few 'extras' can help you design a meal that is fast but not atrociously fattening. There are some healthy ways to eat fast food provided you can order your food in the right way.

You have to accept the fact that fast food will not be totally fat free. However, you can always cut down the calorie intake if you exercise greater control over the ingredients that go into your food. For example, you can make your burger healthy if you choose the right patties and filling for it.

Here are ten simple and healthy ways to eat fast food without putting on weight.


Without Cheese

Every time the person at the counter asks you 'with cheese or without cheese?' choose the latter option without applying thought. You have already saved yourself from consuming at least 100 calories.


Grilled Over Fried

When you are eating a burger, opt for a grilled pattie instead of a fried one. Most fast food joints give you the option to go for a grilled patties these days. Grilling reduces another 200 calories of sheer fat from your meal.


Skip The Cold Drinks

Most fast food joints give you complementary cold drinks with their planned 'meals'. However, these cool drinks are raw calories. So even if it is free, do not drink up the aerated can of calories. You can donate the cold drink if you like.


Drink Water Instead Of Floats/Iced Tea/Crushers

Fast food joints also offer a number of calorie rich drinks like floats, iced tea and ice crusher to 'wash' your food down. In that case, there is nothing better water to wash down your food.


Opt For Green Salads

When you choose a quick salad, make it a green salad instead of a heavy one like Ceasar salad that has loads of cream and salad dressing.


Kick The Ketchup

You are wondering what is wrong with having some harmless tomato ketchup. Actually, it has lots of preservatives and it is artificially sweetened. That adds up to at least 50 calories you can easily avoid.


Mashed Potatoes Instead Of Fries

You cannot get mashed potatoes at all fast food joints. However, you should opt for it instead of the French fries or potato wedges whenever you can. Having some extra green salad is better than eating fried potatoes.


Ditch The Dip

Most of us fight with the delivery person for extra dips. Let there be peace. Be magnanimous and let the dips go by. Dips contain extra cheese and cream that will not be kind to your waistline.


Steamed Over Fried

If you are eating at an Asian or Chinese fast food place, you can easily order steamed momos instead of fried ones. You can also order steamed noodles tossed in sauce instead of fried hakka noodles.


Make Your Own Food

This basically means choose what goes into your burger, wrap or pizza. You can choose healthy stuff like bell peppers, lean meat, tomatoes and fresh green lettuce. You must be absolutely thorough with the menu from which you are ordering.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 15:02 [IST]
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