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Lean Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Get Slim

A lean healthy breakfast is the basic requirement for good health. If you intent to lose weight, then you have to start your day with a filling breakfast. But while the food fills your tummy, you have to ensure that your breakfast is both lean and healthy. Unless the food is lean, it will make you put in weight. Besides just because it is a lean healthy breakfast, it does not have to be bland. you have many delicious breakfast ideas that can help you get lean.

That is why you need to look out for breakfast ideas that are sumptuous but low in calories. A lean healthy breakfast is typically fibre rich and low on refined carbohydrates. You can make a filling breakfast by mixing up different food groups. Breakfast ideas that are complete in terms of nutrition often contain fruits, vegetables, cereals and proteins.

So if you are on a lean diet you will find the following breakfast ideas very handy. All these dished mentioned here classify as lean healthy breakfast.


Eggs And Cold Cuts

Eggs are often the leanest form of proteins. If you are building muscles, then you can pair it with different lean portions of meat like cold cuts, some herbs like asparagus and citrus fruits.


Potato Pancakes With Veggies

Boil vegetables like carrots, beetroot, beans and peas together,. Toss these veggies in olive oil and herb sauce. Then team them up with roasted potato pancakes. This would be an energy rich lean health breakfast.


Whole Grain Cereal And Crackers

If you are too lazy to cook in the morning, then this is the ideal breakfast idea for you. Have some low calorie cereal with milk and crackers. You can wash it down with a citrus but light juice.


Buckwheat Halwa

Buckwheat is one of the most fibre rich cereals. So instead of making halwa with suji and other high calorie cereals, make buckwheat halwa. Garnish it with fruits like strawberries and cherries.


Whole Wheat Bread With Feta Cheese

Take 3 pieces of whole wheat bread. Place two pieces of apple on each. Then dress the dish with some low calorie feta cheese. You have the perfect lean baguette brochettes


Salami Rolls With Fruits

Salami is one of leanest portions of meat and the bets part is that you don't need oil out butter to cook it. Take slices of smoked salami, stuff it with pieces of fruit and roll it up.


Poached Eggs On Patties

Poach two eggs and place them on whole wheat patties. You can garnish the dish with herbs like parsley and thyme. Have with a glass of low fat milk.


Vegetable Soup With Break Sticks

Take all the fresh vegetables of the season and boil them tomato and herbs like rosemary, parsley and mint. Allow the soup to thicken a little. Have this nutrient rich soup with crisp break sticks.


Oats Pongal

Oats are fibre rich foods that are ideal for breakfast. Make oats pongal with Indian spices and serve it with curd.


Salami Sandwich

As we have already said, salami is very lean meat. Stuff some salami, lettuce and onions into multi-grain bread. This is a quick and healthy breakfast idea.

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