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Natural Sweeteners For Good Health

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Many a times your hand involuntarily move towards the sugar pot to sweeten your cereals. There are many pains when you have an incurable sweet tooth and obesity is just one of them. Just because you are diabetic or just trying to lose weight, you cannot banish all the sweetness from your food and life. Instead you should opt for these natural sweeteners when you wish to add sweetness in your food.

Using healthy sweeteners in your food allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth without putting on weight or harming your health. Things that are natural are rarely unhealthy, so you must keep this list of natural sweeteners in your mind.

Natural Sweeteners

Natural Sweeteners You Must Try:

1. Jaggery: It is one of the best natural sweeteners to replace sugar in your daily diet. In fact, sugar came into being much later. In India, jaggery or gur was used to make sweet dishes. Crystallised sugar came from China to India and therefore it is called 'Chini' (meaning Chinese) in Hindi. Jaggery is made from the juice of sugar cane or palm fruits. Being much less refined than sugar, it has more of complex carbohydrates and fibres. It also has fructose (fruit sugar) instead of sucrose (plain sugar) which makes it a healthy sweetener.

2. Honey: Honey is a sweetener that only helps you control your weight but also lose it. A tablespoon of honey with warm water is advised for rapid weight loss. The health benefits of honey also includes curing cough, cold and minor allergies. Honey also benefits the skin greatly. Replace sugar with honey in your beverages and desserts. Green tea with honey is soon becoming a popular health drink for dieters.

3. Dry Fruits: Is custard or kheer your favourite sweet dish? If you are on a diet you would obviously have to either avoid it or have it in some low calorie form. Instead of using artificial saccharine or diet sugar to make your sweet dish low calorie, just use dry fruits as a healthy sweeteners in its stead. Add a handful of dry fruits like raisins, cashew etc to your cakes, puddings and custards; it will make them sweet without adding calories.

4. Dates: The sugar made from dates is just as fattening as normal sugar. However if you eat fresh dates as a meal then it can give you lots of energy and good calories. Dates are rich in iron and thus gives you strength. If you are craving for something sweet after a workout, then you should garb a small bowl of dates. You can also add it to your milkshake and yoghurt to sweeten them.

5. Fruits: All fruits have natural sugar along with lots of fibres to improve bowel movement. You can use fruits like apple and mango to your desserts to make them healthy and nutrient rich. For example apple kheer is a popular side dish. In the same way you can have banana milkshake instead of sugar coated drinks.

These are the 5 best natural sweeteners to maintain good health with the sweetness of health.

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