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Foods That Cure Women's Hormonal Problems

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Hormonal Problems
Hormonal problems are just as common as sneezing these days. Stressful lives, work pressure and a generally unhealthy lifestyle leads to unbalanced hormone levels in the body. The result of this is specifically felt by women whose hormones are anyway on a roller coaster ride every month due to their menstrual cycles. But, the good news is that your nagging hormonal problems like irregular periods, menstrual cramps and heavy period can be cured with food.

Here are some of the commonest hormonal problems that women face and the foods to cure them.

Foods To Cure Hormonal Problems:

1. Calcium For Menstrual Cramps: There are a lot of reasons for the painful menstrual cramps that you feel during your periods. The main cause is of course the muscular contrasts in your uterus while the walls break. You cannot do much about the spasms triggered by a chemical called prostaglandins but increase in calcium rich foods will reduce your pain by half. Foods like milk, yogurt and cheese that are rich is calcium can soothe your uterine muscles.

2. Iron For Heavy Bleeding: It is fairly common for women these days to suddenly start having very heavy periods. This is a strong signal from the body to tell you that your iron reserves are low. Heavy bleeding can also happen due to ovarian cysts that develop as a result of raised hormone levels. Now, too much bleeding will further deplete the stock of iron in your body. So, be on an iron rich diet of red meat, chicken, eggs and green leafy vegetables. Over a period of a few months, your bleeding will come back to normal proportions.

3. Super Food For Hot Flashes: If you are nearing menopause and periods are getting erratic, then you know exactly what hot flashes are. The sudden drop in estrogen levels can throw body's temperature control system off balance. As a result, you get this terrific feeling that smoke is going to blow out of your ears any moment! According to Mayo Clinic, having a handful of flax seeds everyday can ease your pre-menopause hormonal problems by 66 per cent.

4. Yummy Potatoes For Your Mood Swings: We all would agree that potato is an amazing 'mood food' but we probably don't know the reason for it. When you are severely PMSing (Post menstrual stress), your brain's ability to produce the 'high' hormone serotonin is impaired. So, you feel anxious and restless. Potatoes have an amino acid called tryptophan that is the main ingredient for serotonin. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, treating yourself to a heavenly potato (masked, baked or fried) will calm you down in 10 minutes!

These are some totally natural ways to cure your hormonal problems. Stuff your refrigerator with these foods before your next period!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 28, 2012, 14:24 [IST]
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