8 Vegetables That Diabetics Can Eat

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It is very difficult to design a diet chart for diabetes patients. This is because all the fruits and vegetables are not good for them. There are many vegetables that may not seem starchy but they can spike your blood sugar levels. For example, potato is a vegetable that is easily identified as starchy. But could you ever guess that vegetables like beetroot or carrot cannot be a part of diet for diabetic patients?

Eating the right kind of foods when suffering from diabetes can actually help you manage your condition. And the reverse of this statement is also true. Diabetics must avoid vegetables that have high sugar content. All root vegetables like carrots, turnips and even too many onions are forbidden in the diet for diabetes.

However, there are set of vegetables that diabetics can feast upon without any apprehensions. These vegetables are included in the diet of diabetics because of their high fibre content. Also, the sugar content of these vegetables is not high that it will affect the blood sugar levels. Some vegetables like bitter gourd can actually help you manage your diabetes very well. Even the vegetables from the gourd family are very good foods for diabetes control.

Here are some of the best vegetables for diabetics to enjoy in their meal.


Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is a like a wonder vegetable for diabetics. A glass of bitter gourd juice in the morning can regulate your blood sugar levels.


Fenugreek Leaves

The greens from the fenugreek plant are very useful in controlling diabetes. These mildly bitter greens help lower glucose level in the blood.


Lady's Finger Or Okra

The gooey liquid that comes out when you cut okra helps regulate blood sugar. So, soak sliced okra in a glass of water and drink it early in the morning.


Bottle Gourd

A glass of bottle gourd juice in the morning can help you manage your diabetes much better than taking insulin supplements.



This green leafy vegetable has a lot of fibre and very little sugar content.



Like most other vegetables, cauliflower is not sweet. It also gives your body a lot of roughage.



Generally, we perceive pumpkin to be a very sweet vegetable. But pumpkin does have very high glycemic index. That is why it is safe for diabetics.


French Beans

The nutrients present in French beans stimulate the production of insulin in the body. Therefore, it is good for diabetics.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 18:39 [IST]
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