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Yoghurt For Diabetes: Is It A Healthy Option?
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is widely prevalent worldwide. There are multiple emerging treatments for diabetes, and the management of the condition through lifestyle changes are especially challenging for both physicians and society. According to a study, probiotics ...
Yoghurt For Diabetes Is It A Healthy Option

Benefits Of Cycling For People With Diabetes
Cycling is linked to a range of health benefits, including diabetes. According to a study, people who do cycling are at lower risk of developing diabetes, compared to those who do not. Also, it's never too late to get the benefits ...
Diabetics Must Include Jamun In Their Diet: Here’s Why
Jamun or java plum is packed with phenolic and flavonoid compounds with potent antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Though there are more than 800 antidiabetic plants reported to date in India, the antidiabetic mechanism of only a few plants, including jamun, ...
Why Diabetics Must Include Jamun In Their Diet
Is Litchi Good For People With Diabetes?
The season of litchi is here and people are all ready to indulge in this exotic nutritional seasonal fruit. Seasonal fruits play a vital role in diabetes diet as they contain numerous bioactive compounds that help lower the glucose levels and ...
Are Soaked Walnuts Good For People With Diabetes?
Walnuts are nutrient-dense food item rich in unsaturated fatty acids, along with many bioactive compounds such as vegetable protein, minerals, fibre, phytosterols and phenolic compounds. Soaked walnut consumption is linked to a reduced risk of diabetes due to its unique composition. ...
Is Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Good For Diabetes?
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that results either from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action, or both. According to the International Diabetes Federation, the number of diabetics worldwide is estimated to hike to 366 million by the year 2030 from 171 ...
15 Low Glycemic Index (GI) Foods For Diabetes Management
Many factors contribute to the development of diabetes such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, lack of physical activity and consumption of high carbohydrates foods. The role of dietary carbs is, however, controversial in many studies. This is because, in many previous ...
Low Glycemic Index Foods For Diabetes Management
Are Cornflakes Good For People With Diabetes?
Cornflakes are a breakfast cereal which are widely consumed as a flavourful, nourishing and wholesome breakfast. They come under the category of high-fibre breakfasts which are related to a decreased risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, the incidence of which ...
Best Exercises For People With Diabetes
Physical activity is a key element in preventing and managing diabetes. Many studies have mentioned the importance of regular exercise in diabetes. It not only improves blood glucose but also helps control cholesterol levels to prevent diabetes-related complications such as hypertension ...
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