Unhealthy Habits That Can Cause Bloating Of Stomach

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We all know that bloating of stomach is a very uncomfortable situation that everyone wants to avoid. With the bevy of unhealthy foods that people consume on a daily basis, bloating of stomach is very likely to occur often.

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This article will give you certain simple methods to prevent bloating of stomach. It will also let you know what are the causes of stomach bloating.

Here, we have given you some insights of how to reduce bloating fast. It helps to improve the chances of avoiding bloating, gas and reflux.

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There are certain unhealthy habits that can lead to bloating and this article will give you the methods to prevent the bloating of stomach.

You must also make sure that the pain in the stomach is eased after getting rid of these unhealthy habits. If not, it is recommended to consult the doctor immediately.

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So, continue reading to know more about the methods to prevent bloating of the stomach.


1. Habit #1: Not Chewing The Food Properly

Undigested food is the reason for the formation of intestinal gas. Gluten or lactose intolerance can lead to the difficulty in digestion of foods containing gluten and this will lead to gas formation and discomfort. Further, if the stomach does not contain enough intestinal bacteria, it will lead to a unhealthy balance in the stomach and cause improper digestion.


2. Habit #2: Eating Excess Of Fatty Food

Improper digestion can trigger acid reflux, which is a condition when the stomach acid comes up through the oesophagus and causes heart burn, which can occur when we tend to gorge on excess of fatty foods. As per studies, it was found that fatty acids stay in the intestine longer, as they are hard to digest. This leads to a build-up of gas in the intestines. Hence, it is suggested to avoid fatty foods as well as high-fibre-containing foods. This is certainly one of the methods to prevent bloating of stomach.


3. Habit #3: Brushing Too Often

It is recommended to brush twice in a day. But brushing too often after every meal can also lead to the formation of gas, thereby leading to a bloated stomach. It is also recommended to avoid a lot of sugary foods and carbonated drinks.

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