7 Best Tips To Follow When You Experience Acidity

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Surely, a constant burning sensation and pain in the stomach can be no fun, right? Well, if you are someone who experiences acidity or heartburn often, then there are a few effective tips you must follow.

Imagine you are out for lunch with your friends, buy you cannot enjoy the food, especially if it is spicy, thanks to your acidity!

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These situations are very commonly experienced with people who suffer from acidity or heartburn.

Acidity can be described as a condition in which excess acids are produced in the stomach, by the gastric glands.

Now, for a healthy digestion process to happen, a certain amount of hydrochloric acid that is required to breakdown the food.

When the amount of hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach increases, due to various reasons, it can cause acidity.

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Some of the most common symptoms of acidity are, burning sensation in the stomach and throat, belching nausea, heartburn, indigestion, sour taste in the mouth, constipation, etc.

So, here are a few great tips you can follow in order to reduce acidity.


Tip #1

There are certain foods, that have been proven to worsen acidity in most people, such as, coffee, alcohol, deep fried foods, spicy foods, etc, so these acidity trig erring foods must be avoided.


Tip #2

A study has shown that eating excess amounts of sugar can also worsen your acidity and even lead to acidity in people who do not have it, as the high amounts of carbohydrates in sugar can create an acid imbalance in the stomach.


Tip #3

If you feel your excess coffee-drinking habit is worsening your acidity, then it is time to switch to tea, green tea and other healthier alternatives.


Tip #4

A research study has found that people who are overweight or obese are three times more likely to be affected by acidity, in comparison to people with a normal weight. So, work towards losing those extra pounds.


Tip #5

Another survey has found that chewing gum, which is not peppermint flavored can also reduce acidity, as it enables the production of more saliva and salivary enzymes can soothe acidity.


Tip #6

Stress is also known to worsen the symptoms of acidity, due to certain hormonal fluctuations in the body, so, de-stress, now!


Tip #7

Breaking your meals into smaller portions and eating many times a day, instead of just a few big meals can also help treat acidity.

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Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2017, 11:48 [IST]
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