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Pangastritis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment
Gastritis is a condition of the digestive tract wherein there is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach . It can be acute or chronic. There can be various reasons behind its occurrence, such as excessive alcohol use, use of ...
Pangastriti Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment

How To Limit Acidic Foods In Your Diet?
If you are prone to acidity-related health issues, then it is highly essential for you to follow a diet that will keep you free from foods that tend to cause acidity and other stomach issues. Making changes in your diet is ...
7 Medical Reasons Why Ignoring Acidity Can Be Harmful!
If you are someone who experiences acidity or heartburn often, then you would surely know how uncomfortable it can make you feel, right? Also known as acid reflux, acidity is a digestive ailment and also a symptom, which is very common, ...
Medical Reasons You Shouldn T Ignore Acidity
Pneumonia In Elderly Linked To Heartburn And Stomach Acid Drugs
A new study revealed that in older adults, there is an increased intake of prescribed drugs to neutralize the stomach acid and heartburn issues, which eventually could increase their risk of pneumonia .  Approximately, around 40 percent of older adults receive ...
Pneumonia In Elderly Linked To Heartburn And Stomach Acid Drugs
Curing Stomach Ulcers By Fasting
Stomach ulcers are sores, which are explained to be excruciatingly painful that line the stomach of an individual. The ulcers that are formed in the stomach are called peptic ulcers and those formed in the intestine, especially in the duodenum, is ...
How To Avoid Acidity During Fasting?
Do you see fasting as a way to a healthy body? Or are you one of them who observes fasts as a religious observance? Fasting has been a practice in many of the cultures and religions and this practice is as ...
How To Avoid Acidity During Fasting
10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Lassi
Everyone loves to drink lassi which refreshes your body instantly whether you drink it during summer season or winter season. Lassi is a refreshing drink which is loved and relished by many people across India. From sweet to salty, there are ...
Avoid These Foods If You Have Stomach Acidity
Stomach acidity or acid reflux is a very common problem in many people. It majorly occurs due to improper diet consumption. The very common symptom of acid reflux is heart burn. Sometimes, you wake up at night because you feel your ...
These Are The 10 Causes For Acid Reflux
All of us, at one point of time or the other, would have experienced acid reflux. Before moving on to the causes of acid reflux, let us first explore as to what is acid reflux! Acid reflux is a condition wherein ...
Ten Causes For Acid Reflux
Here Is One Of The Most Surprising Causes For Acidity!
Do you often feel a burning sensation in your stomach and chest, especially after meals? If yes, then you could be suffering from a common ailment known as acidity. Now, we know that in our lifetimes, we could be suffering from ...
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