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Matsyasana Or Fish Pose To Relieve Pain In Neck & Shoulders

By Mona Verma

This asana has been derived from the Sanskrit term, like any other yoga pose, in which "Matsya" means fish and "asana" as usual means pose.

Matsyasana: मत्स्यासन (Fish Yoga Posture) Steps and benefits | Boldsky

This pose is so named because if this pose carried out in water, it will help the body to float, like in the case of the fishes.

This pose helps to strengthen the flexor and intercostals and the muscles between the ribs. Also, it provides relief from tension and stress, stretches the throat, shoulder and neck.

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Nowadays, due to our modern and sedentary lifestyle patterns, we are bound to look into the monitors of our computers for long hours, hence giving rise to tension in the neck and shoulder region.

Try this effective asana to find some relief from the neck pain or shoulder pain, which also immensely helps benefit the other muscles of the body.

Have a look at what are the steps to be followed to perform this asana and the plenty benefits that it has to offer to you.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Perform The Asana

1 Lie down straight on your back, with your feet together, body relaxed and hands by the sides of your body.

2 Now, place your hands with your palms beneath your hips and get your elbows close towards each other. Fold your thighs and legs, as done in case of sitting on floor position.

3 Inhale and lift up your chest and head.

4 Get your head as back as you can, keeping your neck stretched, so that the crown portion touches the floor and chest is in an elevated position.

5 Your elbows should be firmly placed on the ground, so that the body doesn't miss the balance. In short, your mass weight should rely on the elbows and not on your head. Keeping your abdomen down, lift your upper chest. Your thighs and legs should be in a folded position.

6 Retain the pose as long as you can, say initially for a minute by gently inhaling and exhaling. Don't stretch your neck too much. Just relax.

7 Now, gradually, get your head to the normal position, lower down your chest and lie down. Also, get your hands and legs back to the normal position and just relax.

Benefits Of This Asana

• Helps to stretch your neck and chest

• Relieves you from tension in the neck and shoulders

• Helps against respiratory disorders and encourages deep breathing

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Just avoid this pose if you are a high or low blood pressure patient or are suffering from migraine and insomnia.

Also, if you have lower back problem or have faced any kind of a recent surgery, you should strictly not follow this asana, or for that matter, no yoga immediately after the surgery.

Just be fit and fine in order to start with any Yoga asana.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 11, 2016, 14:30 [IST]