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Paripurna Navasana (Boat Pose) For Cutting Down Tummy Fat

By: Mona Verma

When you think about burning your tummy fat without going to any gym, Yoga is the best answer. Yes, you could perform this technique at the comfort of your home to reap the beautiful benfits from it.

Chubby stomach looks good till the time you are a kid, but when you are all grown up, whether a boy or a girl, you want a fat-free tummy to look in shape and well maintained.

One such pose, in fact the best pose for fat reduction, is the 'Paripurna Navasana', also known as the full boat pose.

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Paripurna Navasana to reduce tummy fat

'Paripurna' is a Sanskrit term as well, which means Complete and 'Navasana' means boat pose. This pose requires a lot of effort, but the result is outstanding and also, it helps in improving your inner strength.

You require a good amount of energy to stay in this pose. But, trust us when we say that this is the perfect asana to reduce on your tummy fat.

So, have a look at the step-wise instructions and the benefits that are associated with this asana.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Perform The Asana

Step 1: Sit normally with your legs straight, and relax. Keep your hands on the floor, firm, slightly behind your buttocks, fingers facing your feet. Make sure you balance it firmly. Now, lean back a bit, and your top of the sternum should be lifted.

Paripurna Navasana to reduce tummy fat

Step 2: Just exhale while bending your knees, and lifting your feet from the ground. Basically, you should be just on your buttocks and your thighs should be making an angle of 45-50 degrees from the ground.

Your legs should be kept straight and the level of your toes should be slightly higher than your eye level, or even at an equal level. You can improve it gradually.

Paripurna Navasana to reduce tummy fat

Step 3: Just stretch your arms along your legs, keeping them straight to the floor. Don't exactly touch your toes, but just imagine that you are so bent that you ought to touch them with your fingers. Initially, you can just start with your legs up and hands behind your back.

Step 4: This will make your lower belly more firm. Take a deep breath and be normal. Don't bend your neck also. It should be normal though and not stiff. It's just your thighs, which will balance your entire weight.

Paripurna Navasana to reduce tummy fat

Step 5: Just manage to be in this pose for about 10-20 seconds, and as per the flow, increase your timings till 60 seconds. To come back in pose, very slowly, keep your legs down, and then make your back straight. Don't drop your legs suddenly. Be patient and try it out.

Benefits Of This Asana

• Strengthens your abdomen and spine

• Helps to stimulate your kidneys, thyroid, intestines and prostate glands

• Acts as a stress buster

• Helps to improve digestion

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If you have a neck or back problem, just stay away from this pose. Also, pregnant ladies should just not follow doing it. People suffering from various problems like asthma, heart disease, low blood pressure and recent diarrhoea should also ignore performing this pose.

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Story first published: Friday, June 10, 2016, 11:50 [IST]
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