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Have This One Food To Boost Immunity

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Do you fall sick every now and then? Do you often suffer from cold or flu?

If your answer to the above-mentioned questions was a definite yes, then there are high chances that you have a weak immune system. Don't worry, you're not the only one!

Nowadays, most people have a poor performing immune system, which is incapable of protecting them against microorganisms that cause different kinds of viral infections.

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Unbalanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle, nutrient deficiency, stress, etc, are the common factors that weaken the immune system.

Have this food to boost immunity

Weak immune system can make an individual more susceptible to different kinds of ailments.

Luckily, it is possible to strengthen the immunity system. All you have to do is to include immunity-boosting foods in your diet.

And one such food that people have used for centuries to bolster their immunity system is garlic.

Garlic is enriched with antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. It is also popular for being a natural antibiotic, as it is a natural detoxicant.

Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, this natural ingredient is a miracle drug for strengthening the immune system.

As per the experts, the unique properties of garlic make it an ideal superfood to fight off the invading germs and keep infections at bay.

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But, eating it raw can be quite painful and that is the reason why most people avoid this food that is hands down the best ingredient to bolster your immunity.

Today, we at Boldsky, will be sharing easy ways to include garlic in your diet to boost your immunity level.

Take a look at these:

1. Have It With Honey:

Have this food to boost immunity

Have a few cloves of garlic with honey. Just a teaspoon of honey can cut garlic's sourness to a great extent. Having this in the early morning hours can significantly improve your health in totality and bolster your immunity.

2. Make A Juice:

Have this food to boost immunity

Many people prefer making a juice of ginger, garlic and lemon, as garlic alone can be quite hard to swallow. But, be mindful of the quantity, as too much of any good thing can be bad as well.

3. Have It With Lukewarm Water:

Have this food to boost immunity

The simplest way to consume garlic would be to have it first thing in the morning with lukewarm water, so that it can protect you from the inside, throughout the day.

Garlic is an incredible food that can bolster your immunity system. But, it is critical to be mindful of the fact that the dosage of garlic is of high importance. Also, it varies from person to person. In any case, it is highly advised to check with your doctor on the amount of garlic you should be consuming if you suffer from any health condition.

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