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    Do You Know These Top 10 Benefits Of Exercising At Night?

    One of the most debated topics in the health and fitness universe is the best time of the day for exercising.

    While some experts say it's best to workout in the morning, others say evening time is better.

    What do you do with so much conflicting information flying around?

    Well, you do what's best for you and exercise whenever it suits your lifestyle. Because the truth is: while some of us detest the very thought of waking up at the crack of dawn and hitting the gym, others prefer that overnight time since they think it is pointless to exercise when you are already tired and drained from work.

    So if you are like me and hate the idea of waking up early but have a lot of free time later on in the day, then here are the top 10 benefits of exercising at night for you.

    top 10 benefits of exercising at night

    1. It's The Perfect Stress-buster Before Bed

    Studies have shown that exercising releases endorphins in your brain, which is your body's feel-good hormone.

    That's why, exercising at night is great for mental health because it floods your system with endorphins that reduce the stresses of the day, thus allowing you to enjoy a peaceful sleep later on at night.

    Plus, night-time exercise routines strengthen your will-power and the ability to withstand life's ups and downs!


    2. It Improves The Quality Of Your Sleep

    It's a rare person who has never suffered insomnia in their life. But lesser mortals like us usually have had at least one (if not more) of these sleep crises induced by extreme stress and overthinking.

    So if you frequently suffer from such episodes of sleeplessness, then switch your exercise routine to the night. The endorphin rush (as explained above) along with the tiredness will melt your brain into deep sleep as soon as your body hits the pillow.

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    3. You Will Be Able To Enjoy Your Workout More

    Those who exercise in the morning often find themselves eying the clock, so they do not end up getting late for work or school. This distracts them from their routine and prevents them from enjoying their workout.

    That's where exercising at night has an upperhand, as it allows you to fully immerse yourself in your workout and reap every ounce of benefit from it.


    4. You Don’t Have To Wait In Line

    Most gyms and jogger parks are packed in the morning where you either have to wait in line for your turn at the machine or have to restrict your strides, since you are crowded in from all around.

    That's not a problem when you go for a workout at night.

    ...unless you are a member of a very popular exercise routine like zumba or kickboxing.


    5. Your Body Is Stronger In The Evening

    Yes, it's true.

    Science has proven that your muscles and systems are stronger during the evening as compared to the morning, which is why exercising at night can boost your metabolism and help you shed weight faster than workouts in the morning.

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    6. There Are Fewer Rules

    Most gyms have rules designed to prevent people from hogging all the machines and equipment when there are many people waiting in line. But all of that is more relaxed at night because there are lesser people working out with you.

    So if you want to jog for an hour on the treadmill, believe me, night is the best time!


    7. You Can Make More Friends At Night

    This is by far the best reason why exercising at night is better than during the day.

    It's because those who workout at night usually do so after finishing off all their obligations for the day, and thus, are more likely to hang back, make some friends, and be more light-hearted during their workout session.

    And believe me when I say that, when you have a friend at the gym keeping you accountable, you always show up for your routine whether you want to or not!


    8. You Are More Relaxed In The Morning

    Morning gym-goers often have to rush in the shower and then at the breakfast table. But night-time workout freaks have no such hurries.

    They can wake up when they want to and enjoy their breakfast at ease...unless they are too lazy and wake up too late.


    9. You Are More Mindful Of Your Hygiene

    As mentioned in multiple places above, people are more rushed in the morning. And so they are more prone to rushing in the shower, reusing old, sweaty clothes, and not taking care of their hygiene because they are still half asleep and cranky.

    But when you exercise at night, you will never repeat your sweaty clothes, since it will disgust you from the get-go, and will have as much time as you require to clean yourself thoroughly afterward.


    10. You Will Consciously Stay Away From Unhealthy Habits

    When you workout at night, the upcoming session is always there at the back of your head, and so you consciously steer clear off the bad health habits, since you do not want to mess up with your routine or your goals.

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