How To Resist Ordering Takeout Meals

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Cooking food is a time-consuming activity. More so if you are a beginner. No wonder so many of us prefer ordering food in or prefer filling our bellies with easily available junk food every time we are held up at our workplace or are too tired to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, this habit can be quite injurious to our health (and wallet) in the long haul because takeout food is usually cooked in bulk with a large number of unhealthy oils and ingredients.

So if you want to lose weight and become fit, here's how to resist ordering takeout meals.


Plan It Out Carefully

The most time-consuming aspect of cooking your own meal is the part where we stare at the ingredients in our kitchen cabinet and piece-meal a recipe based on what we have available at the moment.

Unfortunately, this is often the reason why we give up on our intention to cook and, instead, order some food in.

So if you want to avoid ordering takeout, plan your meals beforehand (sometimes for the entire week) so you are never confused when it's showtime!


Stock Up Your Pantry

A sparse pantry is often the reason why we order food in. After all, who has got time to change into outdoor clothes, walk to the grocer's store and get the produce we need for our meal?

So when you plan your meals for the week, note down the ingredients you need for each of them as well, and then check your pantry to see if you have any on hand.

If you don't have everything, note down when you need to buy what (after all fresh produce only lasts for so many days) and then make sure you buy them before it's time to cook your meal.


Have A Set Of Easy Recipes On Hand

As mentioned earlier, we order food in when we are too tired to cook anything. So make sure you have a list of good recipes that take just 5 to 10 minutes to cook up.

This way you can circumnavigate your laziness and still manage to fill up your stomach with something you love to eat.

Note: Make sure your pantry always has the ingredients needed to make at least one such meal. You never know when you might get hungry.


Leverage Social Media

There are enough foodies on Instagram to fill your heart with longing all year long. So leverage this wonderful phenomenon and go follow some home cooks who love sharing tips and recipes for easy, but delicious, meals on their social media accounts.

This will keep your palate interested and keep loss of appetite due to boredom at bay.


Befriend Your Pressure Cooker

You will not believe how many things you can cook up with just one pressure cooker. In fact, all you need to do is throw everything inside, add some water, and then let the whistles roar.

It's the easiest way to control your takeout cravings!

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