Here Are 11 Foods That Diabetics Should Avoid

To be diagnosed with diabetes can be a major throwback for anyone. In spite of several awareness programs conducted across the globe, this illness still continues to be one of the most lightly looked at diseases. It is one of the most common illnesses faced by mankind in today's generation.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is an illness that occurs when the blood sugar, or blood glucose, in your body becomes too high. A human's main source of energy is blood glucose obtained from the food that one eats. Pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin which is responsible for helping in the process of glucose from the food reaching your body cells, so that it can be used for energy.

what foods to avoid with diabetes

In a diabetic patient, insulin is not produced in adequate quantity. In such cases, glucose continues to stay in the blood and does not reach the cells. Having too much sugar, or glucose, as it is usually referred to, can lead to minor as well as severe health issues. Although there is no specific cure for diabetes, it can be controlled through medication, exercise and a restricted diet.

Types Of Diabetes:

There are three types of diabetes:

• In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin in the required amount. This is caused when the body's immune system tears down the cells in the pancreas. Such patients will need to take insulin on a daily basis in order to stay alive.

• In type 2 diabetes, the body is unable to make or use insulin in the required manner. This type being the most common form of diabetes.

• Gestational diabetes is the third kind and found to occur in some women during their pregnancy. Most of the time this form of diabetes no longer exists after you give birth to your baby. However, in some cases, it can continue to exist or occur later in the woman's life in the form of type 2 diabetes.

Health Problems That People With Diabetes Face:

A diabetic is highly prone to several other health issues such as heart-related problems, kidney diseases, stroke, eye problems, dental diseases, nerve damages and foot problems.

Diet For A Diabetic

As we are aware of the fact that it is highly important that a diabetic tries his level best to keep his blood sugar levels under control, just medication cannot help a diabetic ensure this forever. A diabetic needs to be highly dedicated towards maintaining a diabetic-friendly diet. Eating too many carbs can lead to the blood glucose rising to dangerous levels. Following are some of the foods that a diabetic patient should avoid at all costs.

1. Pasta, Rice And White Bread

These are high-carb foods that are made available in the processed form and are low in fibre. Studies have shown that eating refined-flour foods increases the blood sugar levels.

2. Sugary Beverages

These happen to be the worst choice of drinks. It is high in carbs and also full of fructose which is associated with insulin resistance.

3. Trans Fats

Foods such as peanut butter, creamers, spreads, muffins, crackers and various baked products contain trans fats. They are associated with increased inflammation and insulin resistance.

4. Breakfast Cereals

Cereals are highly processed and very rich in carbs. They are surely not a good breakfast choice for a diabetic.

5. Coffee Drinks That Are Flavoured

Known to have high carbs, this should be out of the list for a diabetic. It is not a healthy beverage. This causes weight gain and for a diabetic, keeping his or her weight under control is highly necessary. Preferring plain coffee over flavoured coffee drinks is much better.

6. Dry Fruits

Although fruits are nutritious, dry fruits may not be beneficial for a diabetic. When dried, fruits lose water and the nutrients turn concentrated, which can eventually make its sugar content concentrated as well.

7. Natural Sugar Such As Honey

Just cutting down on white sugar won't help if you continue the intake of honey, which although not highly processed still contains as much carbs.

8. Packaged Snacks

Mostly made using refined flour, crackers are definitely not a good choice for a diabetic. It is low in nutrition count and also makes the blood sugar level rise enormously.

9. French Fries

One of the yummiest snacks, yet an unhealthy one. Made of potatoes, which in itself is very high in carbs, french fries are deep-fried that may promote the chances of an inflammation.

10. Fruit Juices

In spite of being a healthy beverage, consumption of this by a diabetic would be equivalent to the consumption of any sugary drink. Fruit juices are high in sugar and carbs. Fruit juices are also loaded with fructose.

11. Fruit-Flavored Varieties Of Yogurt

Plain curd or yogurt is a much better choice than the fruit-flavored ones. Flavored yogurts are usually made with low-fat milk and are rich in sugar and carbs.

Known to have reached epidemic proportions, diabetes is a chronic illness that has turned life-threatening. Diabetes that goes unnoticed or uncontrolled can lead to several health issues that can be ultimately fatal.

Having meals with the wrong food items can worsen the problems of a diabetic patient. Therefore, being diabetic will not harm you until you start being careless about it. Ensuring that you always maintain a low-carb intake can prevent the rising of blood sugar levels, thus preventing diabetes-related health complications.

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