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Chipotle Diet: Is This Weight Loss-triggering Diet Healthy For You?

When your goal is to lose weight, would you consider adding Chipotle to your meals? Well, majority of the people would answer to this with a big "No". However, it has been found that a man from Florida did actually lose a lot of weight, 20 pounds to be precise, by adding chipotle to his diet.

An Experiment That Turned Into A Goal Achiever

Tyler Marinelli, a 26-year-old man from Florida added Chipotle to his daily diet for three months. To his surprise, and to the surprise of others, Tyler lost 20 pounds through this Chipotle diet. Through this diet, he was also able to cut down his body fat to 22 percent from 30 percent. Tyler's daily diet for three months, which helped him achieve his weight loss goals, included egg whites, yogurt, beans alongside Chipotle rice and chicken.

Tyler who is a sales manager from Florida took to the Internet to share his wonderful experience with the others. He believed that his story could motivate others too into following the Chipotle diet. On a Reddit post, Tyler said that the Chipotle diet along with regular exercising helped him lose around 20 pounds in three months time. Tyler said that he never restricted when it came to eating whatever he wanted, how much he wanted and when he wanted.

However, his frequency and timing of eating was a little varied. His diet involved macronutrient tracking along with intermittent fasting. Tyler would give himself an 8-hour window where he ate whatever he desired and then he would fast for the next sixteen hours.

What Exactly Is The Chipotle Diet?

Tyler's favourite fast food joint was Chipotle and he did not want to exclude it from his weight losing diet. So, to include his favourite dish in his daily diet regime, he achieved a good understanding of the nutritional content and considered incorporating chicken and rice in his meal alongside the other dishes that he usually ate throughout the day.

Tyler said that he was sure he could continue losing weight by just eating rice, chicken and beans. This way he was able to fit into his macros and also have an enjoyable meal time. He also ensured that he ate about 1800 calories on the days he had his workout sessions. On the days when he did not exercise much, he would stick to 1200 calories.

A Diet That Worked Wonders For Tyler

Being a Chipotle lover, Tyler Marinelli dined daily for three months at his favourite Mexican grill. Following this diet, he was able to lose 20 pounds in a period of just three months. With a goal of slimming down in the year 2018, Tyler began this form of a diet from New Year's Eve, 2017 and was able to lose 20 pounds by March 25, 2018.

Before beginning with this particular diet, Tyler was aware that he needs to do a bit of research on the nutritional front before this diet proved to be successful in helping him reach his weight loss target. He found that the cheese, sour cream and chips that were used to garnish his usual order from Chipotle was not exactly healthy and hence he chose to modify it to suit his requirement. He became selective when choosing from the Chipotle menu. In spite of several crash diets, which did not turn out to be favorable in the past, he was adamant about making the Chipotle diet successful for himself in the long term.

Tyler's Chipotle Diet

Tyler was always specific about having an enjoyable meal time and did not want to compromise on this part of his lifestyle and the Chipotle diet served to be something that he enjoyed as well as a diet that helped him reach his weight loss goal. Tyler happily ate 250 g of egg whites along with 350 g of non-fat yogurt, as he knew that tasty Chipotle chicken and rice were to follow.

Being a regular visitor to the fast-food joint, Tyler knows all the staffers there very well and even the staff knows his favourite order. Tyler chooses to combine triple chicken alone or along with triple white rice with the addition of black beans and this completes his daily feast. Tyler is proud to say that this diet has never made him fall sick and he never wishes to change it either, as it satisfies all his cravings alongside being healthy.

In case he needed a change in the flavour, Tyler would add a bit of tabasco to it or some other spice to enhance its taste. Tyler advises that if one is a bit dedicated towards achieving their goal, they can surely give a nutritional twist to their favourite dishes, just the way he did, and still continue to satisfy their taste buds.

Is Chipotle Diet Perfect For Weight Loss?

Susan Berkman, RD, when speaking to a Health website said that this form of a Chipotle diet was not advisable when looking to lose weight on a long-term basis. She said that this form of a diet that Tyler was following was extremely high in the protein content. Without any fruits or veggies, this form of a diet is not well-balanced. Although Chipotle diet would be literally a calorie-controlled diet, it lacked major nutrients that could lead to health complications later on in life.

Lack of calories is considered as a nutritional deficiency, as it could make a person suffer from reduced metabolism. When metabolism is slower than usual, the body will be burning only few calories, which in turn would result in reduced weight loss when considered in the long run.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 7:30 [IST]
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