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    Try This! Best Time To Eat Certain Foods For Weight Loss

    By Chandrayee Sen

    Obesity is one of the major factors affecting today's generation. This is because people are more inclined to consume fast foods or foods that are ready to cook. Such processed foods contain high amount of sodium and calories, which can have a detrimental effect if consumed at regular intervals.

    In order to burn down those extra kilos, it is important that a person follows a rigorous workout session along with maintaining a proper diet. When we talk about diet, it not only includes eating healthy food that contains low calories but also the right time of consumption.

    Therefore, your diet should include the right amount of nutrition taken at the right time for getting that hourglass figure. A balanced, timely diet also provides adequate energy to your body to perform all your external and internal activities.

    Given below is the list of certain staple Indian foods, which we need to consume in our regular diet at the right time to reduce weight.


    Wheat Rotis

    Roti, also known as chapatti, is a handmade flat bread, which is the staple food of North India. No Indian diet is complete without roti. Some people believe that consuming roti than rice is healthier for weight. Well, both the food items have an equal quantity of nutritional value, but roti helps you determine the quantity of calories consumed. You can have 2 rotis for your lunch and dinner or have 1 chapati and a small bowl of rice for lunch. This will help in balancing the calorie content.

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    Many of us have the misconception that rice leads to weight gain. But, on contrary, rice contains an adequate amount of carbohydrates necessary for our body functions. Have a small bowl of rice for lunch; but for dinner, try to eliminate it from the list.
    This is because if rice is consumed just before bedtime, it can lead to weight gain. Limit the amount of rice you consume and, balance it with other food items.



    Vegetables are a staple food of the Indian diet. Indians love spicy meals, and therefore they tend to cook vegetables with spices to make it tastier. But, in this process, the essential nutrients of the vegetables get washed away. Therefore, have boiled or very less amount of spice in vegetables for your diet. Have a maximum of two serving of vegetables rich in fibre for your lunch and dinner. Avoid having vegetables early in the morning for breakfast.

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    Tea Or Coffee

    A warm cup of tea/coffee on an early winter morning might seem the right way to kick-start your day, but as the cortisol levels are high during this period, it is best to avoid caffeine. It is better to drink coffee after your breakfast and in the afternoon. Avoid coffee before bedtime, as it can lead to sleeping disturbances. Similarly, a cup of green tea might sound the best option for undergoing weight loss program, but studies reveal that having it on an empty stomach can affect your liver. Therefore, have it 2 hours after your breakfast and at least 4 hours before bedtime.



    Curd forms one of the staple foods of an Indian diet, especially for the people of South India. It is an essential ingredient that can render in potential weight loss. It is best to have it during the daytime without sugar. But if you tend to consume curd during the night time, then add sugar and a pinch of pepper to it to ease the process of digestion. However, as some curds or yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, consuming it on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Have only 18 ounces of curd in a day for shedding the extra kilos.

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    Dal is one of the healthiest forms of protein for the body. A small bowl of dal can provide the right amount of nutrition to your body. You can have dal twice in a day. For lunch, team it with a bowl of rice and vegetables. Dal is a light Indian food which doesn't bloat your stomach at night. You can even enhance the nutrition of dal by adding boiled vegetables like carrots, beans, and cauliflowers. Have masoor dal in your everyday meal.



    Fish forms a staple diet for the Indians, especially people of West Bengal who are glued to having a variety of fishes for their everyday meal. Fish is an important source of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to satiate your hunger and prevents you from eating extra calories. You can have a serving of fish for lunch with rice or have baked fish with leafy green vegetables for dinner. Avoid overeating spicy or curried fish, as they remove the vital nutrients.

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    Chicken, whether boiled or grilled or served with curry, is one of the main dishes served by the Indians. You can have less spicy chicken for your lunch or have it in your soup for the evening. You can even have boiled chicken with lots of leafy green vegetables with a pinch of salt, pepper, and olive oil for dinner. Chicken contains unsaturated fat that is beneficial for your health. Besides, it is a rich source of protein that induces the body mechanism.



    Bread forms a perfect breakfast ingredient to satiate your hunger for a longer span. This is a rich source of carbohydrate. If you are undergoing weight loss session, opt for purchasing whole grain bread. Studies reveal that two slices of toasted bread for breakfast can act as a natural appetite suppressant and reduce hunger. However, having bread at night can have digestion problems. Therefore, it is best to have it in the morning.



    Fruits can be eaten at any time of the day, from morning till night. It all depends on what you eat and at what amount. It is often said consuming fruit just after a glass of water can render potential benefit. You can even keep it for your evening snacks or eat it when your stomach growls for midnight cravings. But remember to keep a gap of nearly half an hour between fruit and your meal. Fruits are a healthy source of vitamins and antioxidants, which satiate your hunger and aid weight loss.



    Nuts act as the power generator of our body. They are small in size but are full of energy and can appease your hunger. Although nuts contain fat, a small serving of it every day is not harmful. It is best to have nuts early in the morning during breakfast. This will help in controlling your blood pressure level and remove bad cholesterol. For the morning, have almonds soaked in water overnight. As an afternoon snack, you can have a small bowl of pistachios, cashews, and pine nuts, which will boost up your energy. You can have walnuts, dates, and prunes before bedtime, as they contain a high amount of fibre, which eases the process of digestion.



    Milk is one of the essential elements to be included in our regular diet, as this is a rich source of calcium, vitamins A, K and B12, potassium, sodium, and phosphorous. Such vital nutrients when consumed during the morning, provide adequate energy to your body for the entire day. Drinking milk before bedtime also helps in relaxation and induces a good sleep. It also keeps you full for a longer span and prevents untimely food cravings.



    Eggs are one of the most delicious and healthy food items. Whether it is boiled, fried, or placed in curry, from children till adults everyone loves to have eggs. It is best to consume eggs for your breakfast. Try to avoid it during night time, as it can cause bloating. If you are undergoing workout session, then have boiled eggs nearly 30-45 minutes after the session is over.

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    Orange Juice

    A glass of fresh orange juice can add extra nutrients to the body and render the adequate amount of vitamin C in the body. But as oranges contain a high amount of citric acid, it is best to be avoided during night time. Having it at night can lead to acidity and indigestion.



    Paneer is one of the most loved foods of the Indians. They make a variety of cuisines using this dairy product. Paneer contains a high amount of calcium and protein and renders effectively in weight loss. However, it is best to avoid consuming paneer after undertaking strenuous workout sessions. It is best to consume paneer for dinner or as evening snacks, which helps in slowing down the digestion process and appeases your hunger.



    A full plate of leafy green salad teamed with boiled chicken, or tuna fish can form your lunch diet. It contains a high amount of fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc., which are necessary for our body. However, it is seen that having a plate of salad before lunch increases the amount of vegetable content in our diet by 23 percent. Even having salad during night time will induce the digestion process and render good sleep.



    Desserts form an inevitable part of the Indian diet. From porridge, sweets, pudding to custard and ice cream, Indians love any kind of dessert that is served after the meal. It enhances the taste buds even more. But studies reveal that consuming desert after evening doesn't burn down enough calories and leads to weight gain. However, it all depends on the amount of food that you consume. But remember to avoid ice creams at night, not only because you can catch a cold but the high amount of calorie that it contains can lead to obesity.

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    While thinking about a proper diet that can render weight loss, you can opt for having a sandwich for lunch. But make sure you have healthy ingredients in your sandwich. Make a layer of lettuce along with cucumber and tomato, add peanut butter for taste and team with a layer of boiled chicken breast or sliced boiled eggs. This is not only appetizing but will provide an adequate amount of energy to the body.



    Chickpeas are a good source of fibre and protein and satiate your stomach as well as render in weight loss. You can have boiled chickpeas for afternoon snacks or in your salad or make chickpeas curry and have it with roti or rice for lunch.



    Pasta is one of the favorite foods of today's generation. Some prefer it for lunch and dinner as well. Consuming pasta with lots of vegetables and boiled chicken for lunch can make a healthy and appetizing diet. But having it for dinner can slow down the digestion process and render in weight gain.



    Pizza, although not a staple Indian diet, is now widely consumed by a majority of youngsters. Although it contains a large amount of calories due to the ingredients present, consuming it during the daytime doesn't pose much risk if you workout the calorie in the evening. But having it at night for dinner can lead to heart ailments and a disturbed sleep.



    Semolina/rava is known for boosting energy to the body. It reduces the process of digestion and aids in reducing the stored fat. A number dishes with rava are famous in India. It is a healthy food that satiates your stomach for a longer span of time. You can make rava healthier by adding vegetables. It is a perfect serving for your lunch or evening snacks.

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    Rice flakes/poha are a staple Indian dish that contains an adequate amount of proteins, vitamin B, carbohydrates, and iron. Poha can be consumed with yogurt or mixed with vegetables. You can have it either for your breakfast or evening snack. It will prevent you from overeating and render in weight loss.


    Puffed Rice

    Puffed rice is an Indian snack, which contains a very low amount of calories. But it has the potential to curb down your appetite and render fullness. You can enjoy a small bowl of puffed rice for afternoon snacks as an alternative to eating junk foods.



    Noodles are a heavy food and are preferred to be eaten during lunch or dinner. Boiled noodles with a bowl of chicken and vegetable soup is a healthy dinner option. However, it is best to avoid fried noodles, especially the instant noodles. Such noodles contain a huge amount of calories and lead to obesity.

    Therefore, it is indeed important to consume the right amount of food at the right time, so as to fight obesity and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

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    Story first published: Saturday, January 6, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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