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10 Superfoods To Eat After A Workout

By Neha

When you are working out, your body burns fuel from anything you have eaten before a workout, which breaks down the stored glycogen. Your body's muscles start to use the available protein to rebuild and repair the tissues within a few hours of working out.

Within 45 minutes after a workout, your body is especially good at absorbing carbohydrates and protein, which you may not be aware of.

If you want to build your muscles, you should eat 30 g of protein and 30-35 g of carbohydrates within 15 minutes after a workout. And if you want to stay in shape by losing weight, you can take your time and eat within the 45 minutes of you finishing your workout.

After a workout session, your body needs specific nutrients to repair muscles and stabilize blood sugar levels. So, it is essential to eat a mix of foods that can improve recovery after a workout.

So, read on to know about the 10 superfoods to eat after a workout


1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein and carbohydrates compared to regular yogurt. You can mix yogurt with cereal and fruits because fruits pack micro-nutrients which have been proven to fight muscle soreness.


2. Sandwich Wraps

You can make homemade wraps with whole grain bread. You can make yourself a chicken sandwich or a tuna, hummus and spinach sandwich. Tuna is low in calories but high in protein and carbs; and spinach is packed with nutrients that will lower inflammation.


3. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is another drink that can be had post-workout. Chocolate milk contains carbohydrates and protein required for muscle recovery. The water content will also replace the fluids lost as sweat and milk and will provide calcium that will help the body to recover faster.


4. Fruits

Fruits are packed with healthy and digestible carbohydrates that helps the body to break down the nutrients, so that they can be delivered to your tired muscles. Fruits like pineapple have anti-inflammatory properties that help in muscle recovery and kiwi aids digestion.

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5. Whole Grain Breakfast Cereal

After a workout, opt for a high protein, high-fibre, low sugar cereal. A whole grain cereal is perfect for reloading your muscle energy stores. You can also go for oatmeal topped with almond butter or a dash of protein powder.


6. Eggs

You can have eggs in whichever way you want to be it scrambled, poached, boiled or a sunny side up. Eggs are a versatile food and can be eaten at any part of the day, providing all the protein you require. You can serve eggs with a slice of toast, some bell peppers and avocados.


7. Almonds And Orange

Almonds provide protein and healthy fats to the body that is required after a workout. Also, snacking on almonds curbs appetite and prevents from overindulging later on. Oranges provide immune-boosting vitamin C and minerals, which the body readily absorbs after a workout.


8. Salmon With Olive Oil

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that helps to lessen the post-workout muscle inflammation that causes soreness. This healthy fat is also known to boost fat burn. Adding olive oil to it will increase the dose of healthy fats as well.

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9. Banana Milk Smoothie

If you are not fond of chocolate, you can pair milk with banana. This will balance the amount of protein and carbohydrate in the body. The potassium from bananas is great for the proper functioning of the cells, tissues and organs in the body.


10. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are good for providing carbohydrates which is needed after an intense workout. This superfood contains 26 grams of carbohydrates to restore your glycogen supply. Plus, it also contains a healthy dose of fibre to keep you full for a longer period of time.

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10 Superfoods To Eat Before A Workout

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 3, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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