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Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight Despite The Workouts

By Sripriya Satish

Have we been doing sufficient exercise to shed off those extra pounds?

If the answer is in the affirmative, then are we losing weight at all? If the answer is 'no', then it is always better to start our investigation on the root cause of the problem as to why we are not able to achieve the desired weight loss goals despite our regular workouts.

weight loss

Listed below are some of the reasons which could help you to figure out as to why it is difficult to shed off those extra pounds.

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Eating Junk Foods:

Diet plays an important part in bringing our body to the desired shape. It is possible that we are not watching what we eat. We all know that replacing junk foods by healthier ones in our diet is very difficult and it indeed needs a lot of self-control.

No matter how much we exercise, eating junk foods is surely going to hamper our efforts in reducing weight, as they are dense with unwanted calories and fats. Not putting a full stop in eating those unnecessary foods may be a big hindrance to achieve our weight loss goals.

Not Sleeping Properly:

A good night's sleep is a must to ward off obesity. In this fast-paced world, we tend to compromise on our sleep routine in carrying out various other activities, which we may consider important.

But in reality, according to various researchers, insufficient sleep may directly result in gaining that unnecessary weight. Poor sleep may put you in 89 per cent greater risk of becoming obese.

Too Much Exercise:

Many of us feel that spending a lot of time in our workout regimen will lead us in the right direction towards our weight loss goals. But, in fact, this is not the case, as too much of exercise will have negative effects on our system.

Let us see how? Increased workouts can easily hamper that lean mass of our body, which is responsible for improving the metabolic function of our system, thus leading to the low burning of calories.

Also, there is the risk of over-eating due to increased appetite after long workouts. So, optimal workouts are always a must for getting your body in shape.

Increased Stress Levels:

Increased stress levels also put you at a greater risk level of becoming obese. Exercise causes a certain amount of stress on our body. Sufficient recovery time should be given to our system to lose that excess fat.

If sufficient recovery time is not given after the exercise, it will have a negative effect on our body by the increased level of the production of a hormone called cortisol.

This increased production of cortisol for a longer period of time will tend to put stubborn fat in your body where it is not needed. Striving for overall stress reduction and mental well-being is important for losing weight.

Excess Food Consumption:

It is a golden rule that to reduce weight we have to strike an optimal balance between the workouts and our diet. Less calorie consumption is needed as compared to those we spend during our exercises.

If we tend to put on weight even after our regular workouts, then chances are that our food consumption is more than what we actually require. Snacking on healthy tit-bits in between meals can go a long way in preventing ourselves from gorging on heavy foods.

All said and done, if your workout results are not that impressive, then instead of getting frustrated, it is necessary you find out the real culprit.

Hope these above-listed tips will help you go a long way in analyzing yourself as to why your body is not responding to exercises in the right form.

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