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Ways To Control Your Eating

Posted By: Staff
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If you suffer from overeating episodes, you might be sick and tired from not having the ability to control what you are eating. It is possible that you are even more concerned about the effects your overeating can have on your body. Hence, you should control your eating.

Ways To Control Your Eating 1

Overeating not only affects your body, it affects your mind as well. While overeating might give you a brief comfort, the emotions it might invoke later on might be very harsh. Feeling weak, numb and lacking command over your life is only a sample of what you might be experiencing.

Ways To Control Your Eating 2

Feelings like these bring negative changes in your life as well. This is because overeating affects you mentally and reduces your self-esteem. Hence you need to find ways to control your eating.

Ways To Control Your Eating 3

The physical effects of overeating are more direct and apparent than the mental ones. Overeating is the quickest way to ruin any diet and increase weight. It may also make you feel like there is simply no use to try to shed weight since you will just ruin it anyway. Whenever you overeat, you are stuffing the body with an excessive amount of food at once.

Ways To Control Your Eating 4

You end up placing a lot of stress on the body, your digestion and so forth. Your body just cannot correctly manage an excessive amount of food at once. Fat gain, feeling bloated, feeling excessively tired and chronic diseases are by far only some of the physical implications of compulsive overeating.

Here are some ways in which you can control your eating. While serving yourself, always fill your plate first with healthy food. After that, if you still have appetite, go for the rest.

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Never go shopping on an empty stomach. According to research, if you do so, you end up buying unhealthy stuff and eating high calorie foods immediately after.

Use blue plates to eat. Research shows that the more the food colour blends in with the plate, the more you eat. Also, when you use smaller bowls and plates, you end up eating less.

Ways To Control Your Eating 6

Keep unhealthy snacks out of sight. Keep healthy snacks full of fibre within your reach. These not only fill you up, these keep hunger at bay for a long period of time.

Story first published: Sunday, September 4, 2016, 20:20 [IST]
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